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Views on residential real estate with concentration on the Memphis, Tennessee market, from Memphis' leading Web 2.0 Realtor
This is a good expose on why public opinion of realtors is so low.  Of course from the beginning agents are taught that open houses are for the purpose of picking up leads, and that double-siding a deal puts a lot more money in your pocket. Yes, I have a reputation of being hated by other agents ...
This topic came up the other day when a listing prospect told me about the responses of agents he was interviewing when he asked for references he could contact. One agent simply responded, "Google me,"  assuming that her credentials were well established by her mentions in our favorite search en...
I encourage consumers to be well-informed, to do research, ask lots of questions and be comfortable with their decisions.  I have been interviewed by both potential listing and buyer clients a number of times over the years.  I am always amazed at the range of questions and wonder how the intervi...
It's kind of sad that a few members of our profession have given the public a negative perception of Realtors.  The following post explores some of the myths about Realtors. There are a lot of myths about Realtors out there and we receive a lot of bad press and unfair attacks from a lot of people...
This scam has been going on on Craigslist, and probably other sites for years, but it hit one of my listings yesterday.  Fortunately someone alerted me early that the listing was being offered for rent at about a third of market rent.  Of course it was a scam, perpetrated by someone off shore.  I...
Originally posted at QUESTION:  What's wrong with this scenario? You need a new refrigerator. You go the big box store and are engaged by an energetic salesperson.  She knows the specs for all the models off the top of her head, but you have done some research too and ask her some quest...
The subject line of the email read: Are you still selling houses?  The email was from a former client I am in face-to-face contact with at least once a year, and stay in more frequent through social media.  Yet by the time she sent the email she had already had a listing appointment with another ...
Reposted from Memphis Real Estate Buzz OK, I will admit on the front end that I do not require home buying customers to sign a binding Buyer Representation agreement before I show them properties.  I like the feeling of  building rapport and  relationships in a laid-back, friendly manner without ...
I fully agree with Laura's points in this post.  NAR has not enhanced member credibility.  Trying to redefine the American Dream when so many are affected by this dismal economy just doesn't seem to be the right way to go.Is NAR® Really Working for Me? The National Association of REALTORS® is con...
As much as we ego-driven, type-A real estate agents, who have survived this epic down market and are still doing at least some business, don't like to admit it, times are tough.  An article in the 11/28/2010 Commercial Appeal about agents supporting each other brings the point home. It's a bit di...

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Views on residential real estate with concentration on the Memphis, Tennessee market, from Memphis' leading Web 2.0 Realtor

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