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This blog will keep you informed about the Boca Raton and South Florida Luxury Real Estate Market.
The way the banks are currently handling short sales and loan modifications definitely needs much improvement. Many times when dealing with these issues you can't help but feel you are talking to people not qualified to do their job. These huge institutions are just not dedicating enough resource...
Selling your property is really just a matter of doing the correct things from the start.  When these things are done the property sells.  Thats why you see some properties on the market for 3 months and others on the market for 3 years.  Obviously the one on the market for 3 years could be doing...
Here in Palm Beach County, Florida though everything is negotiable, the seller usually picks the title company and pays for the title insurance. Just to our South in Broward County its the buyer who usually takes care of this. There are some situations where it would be a smart move to negotiate ...
Now that a very tough real estate cycle is beginning to wind down we have all learned that housing is a commodity and will behave like one.  For so long we all just assumed that the value of our properties would always go up.  Thats all many of us have ever known in our lifetimes.  We just always...
The luxury single family home market remains strong and the luxury condominium market has been a little slow but steady.  As we enter into the high season activity should pick up.  Below are the numbers for luxury properties priced over one million dollars for the last 30 days. Luxury Single Fami...
Now is the time to pick your piece of real estate in Boca Raton.  This exclusive address is known around the world and when the real estate market is strong its out of reach for many. Though its human nature to wait until things get better to feel good about making a major move like buying real e...
Real Estate has always been the key to the US economy and the one sector that effects just about everything else. When housing is good everything flows.  This is why everything must be done to continue to help the market.  The home buyer tax credit is one example of something that is helping trem...
What a nice time to be in Boca Raton, Florida as people are coming down to start their nice warm winters. The supermarkets are full as people prepare to have some nice family time and recognize all the things they are thankful for.  Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
At the end of the day South Florida will always be a great buy.  The reason for this is very simple. The weather. No where else can you find a winter like this in the United States while maintaining such a close distance to cities like New York or Chicago.  So unless the sun stops coming out you ...
Talking to many customers and attorneys here in South Florida and New York I hear the same thing over and over.  Loan modifications are not being given.  It seems that in most cases after jumping through hoops to satisfy the bank with their requests that the answer to the homeowner is just about ...


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This blog will keep you informed about the Boca Raton and South Florida Luxury Real Estate Market.