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There are some things you can do if you disagree with your tax assessment.  The best place to start is to call the Property Appraiser's office and speak with a deputy appraiser. After you have done this and you still feel the assessment is wrong you can make an appeal to the Value Adjustment Boar...
During these challenging times people just don't know where to put their money. The stock market looks pretty scary these days and you just don't know where some banks are heading. Real estate still is and will always be your best investment. If you plan on living in the property than its a simpl...
You may have come across the term quitclaim deed on your property tax records or some other file. A quitclaim deed is a type of deed in which the grantor makes no covenants for title and just releases all right, title or interest that he has in the real property, without claiming any interest wha...
Properties may be empty for a variety of reasons the biggest being the end of the season and your heading back up North to your primary home. Its important to make sure everything is secure and all your maintenance has been done.  The most important thing you can do is shut your water off coming ...
Sales are up as the smart buyers are taking advantage of one of the best buyers markets in quite some time. Low mortgage rates, first time buyer incentives and alot of inventory is getting people off the sidelines and into the market. Many buyers are finding they are able to purchase their true w...
In this kind of market you come across this term alot mostly on the tax records of properties.  The words mean (Notice Of) and are filed on public record and serve as a warning that the title to the property is involved in a lawsuit and subject to the decision of the court.  This is usually seen ...
All you here about these days are short sales. Just the words short sale puts an incredible picture in the heads of buyers of incredible deals and something for nothing. This has alot to do with the low listing prices that they see on these short sale listings.  They see this incredibly low numbe...
RESPA or the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act is a federal law that requires lenders to fully disclose the settlement procedures and closing cost that borrowers are required to pay on all government underwritten mortgage loans, or on any loans made by federally chartered or insured lending i...
I have talked to many property owners this past week and there are still some that don't have a true picture of what is going on in the market. Its very hard to forget how sweet it was in 2004/2005 and how fast things were appreciating. We have to forget that time and be realistic.  If you bought...
Many buyers are in town looking at luxury waterfront homes in Boca Raton and there are some real nice properties to look at.  Below are the numbers for the last thirty days for waterfront homes in Boca. Total Properties Available   95 Price Range     $599,000  -  $25,000,000 Sold     2 Sold Price...

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This blog will keep you informed about the Boca Raton and South Florida Luxury Real Estate Market.