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A good safe investment right now would be to buy a luxury waterfront property that you can get at a really great price and there are some out there.  These properties are always in demand and you know they will certainly appreciate down the road because of the limited amount available at any give...
I'm getting many calls from people who are planning to come down after the election with the intention of making some smart buys.  Sales activity is increasing and I guess people are finally realizing if not now when? There will certainly be alot of people just looking to see whats out there but ...
With the cost of homeowners insurance these days we have to use everything available to us to lower our premiums.  The best thing to do right from the start is to shop around because the quotes you will receive will vary quite a bit in most cases.  Make sure to ask if they give discounts for the ...
In my opinion Boca Raton real estate is still the best investment you can make.  Though things are tough right now think about all the times you bought real estate, held it and than sold.  Yes, you do have to hold it and its not liquid but especially if you are living in the property I'll take it...
In Boca Raton we have traditional snowbirds who are arriving now to spend the winter and we also have the type who pay us a visit all throughout the year using their luxury property as a vacation spot for long weekends and extended stays.  I am noticing the car haulers pulling into town and more ...
Like any project you begin its important to do your research and choose the people who will ensure your success. When it comes to one of the biggest transactions of your life and the buying and selling of property, choosing the wrong people to work with can cost you money. Always be sure to start...
Boca Raton enjoys some of the best weather in the country all year long which can really increase your enjoyment of life as well as extend it.  Our average high temperature in January is 75 degrees and 91 degrees in August. The average precipitation is 2.3 inches in December and 8.0 inches in Jun...
We go through times where the market is great and then it swings around and its not so great for awhile but whatever market we are in it will always benefit somebody.  Right now the biggest winners to capitalize on this challenging market are first time home buyers.  I have been meeting many peop...
With the election right around the corner many people are taking advantage of early voting.  You can head down to City Hall and cast your vote to avoid delays on November 4th.  Another good reason to vote early is to cover yourself if election day turns out to be real busy for you. With such an i...
Even though Boca Raton enjoys a very low crime rate its good to get involved and know whats going on.  The Boca Raton Police department is one of the finest police departments in the country and one of the programs they run is the Citizen Crime Watch program where they encourage citizens to be aw...

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This blog will keep you informed about the Boca Raton and South Florida Luxury Real Estate Market.