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Are you looking to invest your money but don't want the risk or liability of owning Real Estate?  Joe Real Estate is looking for you.  There are many great opportunities to make money in this down real estate market that Fort Wayne is seeing.  Whether you have $20,000 or Millions in the bank, we ...
Below is a blog I posted on my website.  I have been doing a lot of prospecting for short sale leads and my latest effort was a follow up letter to the local mortgage brokers.  I encourage them to send me leads of homeowners who have come to them to refinance their home because they no longer can...
After doing some digging around on the internet this morning, I came across a new form that will be included in all my Short Sale presentations from now on. I might turn this into something they have to sign acknowledging that they received information regarding their tax liabilities doing a shor...
I was on Yahoo this morning and found this article talks about this website: I thought this was a phenomenal idea and how great it is that there are people out there willing to do good deeds for strangers.  Check it out an...
As the anniversary of September 11th 2001 is upon us, I find myself with a mix of emotions.  The first emotion is one of horror, thinking about the atrocities that were done against our great nation.  Another emotion is one of pride, remembering how people from all walks of life banded together t...
The world of SEO is so horribly confusing to me.  I hear this rumor and that rumor about how to make my website better.  Blog here, blog there.  Link this, link that.  Reciprocal link.... Make sure you repeat your selling area on your home page...                                             Wow M...
"If You Like It, I Love It!" was something I heard at a seminar last summer.  I believe it was Ralph Roberts who said this.  I can be very opinionated when I show homes and I am sure I have stuck my foot in my mouth a time or two.  Well after hearing this at the seminar I have been working very h...
The things I find the most help in doing short sales.  PERSISTENCE. You have to babysit the L&M people to make sure they are doing their job.  Don't ever leave them a msg.  You need to hang up and call again.  These banks all have a different procedures on how to handle them so it is a little bit...
Real estate has defiantly been slow here in Indiana.  The only thing that seems to be moving are distressed sales.  So in an effort to keep my business steady I am trying to work with short sale listings.  I have done a lot of them in the past and I know there is a great need for them.  The probl...

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