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For those of you who have have cash reserves and want to invest them somewhere to equal the rate of inflation or go beyond it for positive wealth development, Oklahoma City real estate rental property may be the best return for you. The stock market, must funds, and annuities along with binds may...
I was surprised this morning when in the Q&A Nathan Gesnar posted my approach to 1 million points. Last October I decided that after a brief hiatus from Active Rain I would go whole hog and get back into spending some time here. Did I do it for more business? The answer might surprise you and tha...
The last 4 months have been the busiest I have experienced since before 2008. Investors are on the rise in buying Oklahoma City rental property and affordable housing is flying. Inventory dipped accordingly and even higher end homes are seating to sell because of the return of the energy sector t...
I have enjoyed today reading post here about fathers and sons both living and gone and of course today is a day where I miss my father the most although I think of him often. It has been a lot of years since we were together on this planet and as someone who chose not to be a father a lot of feel...
This morning Charlene and I got up early to take our walk by the ocean in Jupiter Florida since humidity was at 90% and 5 mile walks in the sand can be like being in a sweat lodge for two hours. Since recent storms in Florida fishing has been not something you want to do but this morning the ocea...
The snarky and hard sell answer is right now, it is a great day to buy real estate? I hate that cliche! It also needs some context because when to buy has a lot of different answers in how the question is put into context to let's try to give some answers in different ways.Your First Home: I had ...
The picture here doesn't seem to relate to real estate investment since it is a picture of the ocean this morning when we started out walk on Jupiter Beach in Florida but it will make a little sense later. With the access to information on the web we have an ability to go outside of our neighborh...
This may be the toughest part of the FAQ investment questions, who can help me get started? Let's think about medicine to start with, if you have cancer or heart issues do you ask for your GP to take care of it? No, you go to a specialist who has devoted themselves to taking care of you for that ...
Yesterday I started with the why of investing In real estate but now we delve into the what of real estate investments. Beginners in real estate investments who have figured out the why of building wealth now want to have me give me the scope of investments so I will go through the most asked for...
When I deal with my specialty of real estate which is investment, I get a lot of questions from first time investors curious about the way to proceed. My first job as a specialist who gets entrusted with a lot of cash involves hours of education and I feel like a reporter at times who ask the que...

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We want to inform you of economic and demographic information in Oklahoma, as well as alert you to unique investment opportunities in both residential and commerical real estate. We also will step outside of our state to comment on important news and events as they shape our real estate world. This blog has opinions but is not dogmatic. We hope for open dialogues that make us all better Realtors that give exceptional service to our communities.