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I DO CONSTRUCTION LOANS ! 70 - 80 % Total Acquisition End Loan Approval Flexible Draw Schedules 12 mos. Interest Only Payments. Call Joe D'Agostino Licensed Mortgage Banker 609-290-0897 "Over 40 Years Of Helping People Like You."
As a Licensed Mortgage banker with 40 years in this business, I thought I have seen almost everything, but as the man once said,"You have not seen nothing yet." My main issue is recently many "Investors" will not issue an approval without a complete loan package including a Title Insurance Policy...
Too many Non-Professionals in the mortgage arena are always saying negative things about the Reverse Mortgage. Most are not true and come from people who have no idea what they are talking about. Many hear statements from friends and co-workers and think they are true. What you need to do is cont...
 The Shore Community Bank is a Locally Owned and Operated bank from Toms River, New Jersey. Started11 years ago, the Board Of Directors recognized the importance of having a branch in the Manahawkin area. This area is a great place to live and raise your children. The school system and the local ...
MYTHS- 1) I would be selling my home to the bank: FALSE: You keep your home, the lender will add a lien ( just like any mortgage) but you still have complete control over your property 2) My heirs won't inherit anythig: FALSE: Your estate only owes the balance on the mortgage. The balance is howe...
 It seems that the major investors are looking at their Home Equity Line Of Credit accounts. Some have stopped doing them altogether, while others are looking real hard at weather they want to put a freeze on current balances. Country Wide has shut off Home Equity loans, while Chase,Bank Of Ameri...
Despite what Wall Street wants you to believe, owning a home isn't the same kind of investment as stocks and bonds. What you get is a USE asset that depreciates over time, while it grows in market value. All you have to do is keep the home in good repair to max out your take.Here are 5 Reasons wh...
With all the problems associated with Jumbo loans today, it may be wise to look at the VA for help. Remember that the VA has a new limit of $650,000. with only 25% down over the $417,000. loan limit. That means that if a Vet were to purchase a home for $650,000. they would only need $58,250. down...
Getting The Lowest Rate for your Car Loan, Mortgage and other financing always depends on your credit score.This site has help me and my clients. Hope it will help you and yours What To Do: A little known site can help you increase your score with all 3 major credit...
Many Realtors and Borrowers have been asking me what are lenders looking for in Credit Scores. Times have certainly changes and over the years I have given out many charts with FICO Scores and what they mean. So I now have done a Revised Chart based on todays lending.Nothing is written in stone a...

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