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"Due to FHA's concern that some homebuyers in these transactions may attempt to provide misleading information regarding the rental income of the property being vacated to qualify for the new mortgage, FHA is instituting underwriting guidance designed to assure that the homebuyer can make payment...
The weekend of September 19 - 21 should provide the perfect weather to visit the 29th  annual EDS Credit Union Plano Balloon Festival in Plano, TX.  Hurricane Ike dropped only a small amount of rain and no wind this weekend, so Oak Point Park is ready for your visit. Weekend Tickets are availabl...
Metal blinds blown out of a downtown building wrapped themselves around a sign during the storm. Courtesy of Flickr user Bake Them Pie.e Hurricane Ike is going to affect the prices of new homes in our area:   * Higher Fuel Costs * Higher Material Costs* We  Builders will begin competing for Labo...
  What follows are "best estimates" for the most typically consistent remodeling projects we have seen across the country... Unless otherwise noted, the maximum time between remodeling and re-sale must be five years; otherwise the "value-added" figures are  void. PROJECT COST VALUE ADDED COMMENTS...

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