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While there are many advantages to buying a new home-the systems and appliances are new and are covered under a manufacturer's warranty-there are some common problems of which you should be aware. New homes, like new cars, often have bugs that must be worked out. Homes have literally thousands of...
  If absence does make the heart grow fonder, I may soon have one of those “fonder” hearts for Active Rain. Although the past year has created demands that kept me from posting or even commenting for much of the time, I had planned to return to a blogging routine this year. However, the Universe ...
More than a year ago I wrote a blog describing a book I’d recently published, Lessons From The Light; and I connected with a number of people who expressed an interest in learning more about the events I described. The book, the true story about Myra Starr, a Cherokee woman who experienced a near...
As we near the end of 2012—after surviving the Mayan Apocalypse and teetering on the edge of the “fiscal cliff”—it’s time to review my housing and economic predictions for 2013 and beyond. And I believe serious analysis and planning will be in order as we enter yet another year of economic and po...
  With the election over, the media is now focused upon what they perceive as the next most news-worthy event, the fiscal cliff, that looming financial crisis alleged to destroy the U.S. economy and the American way of life . . .  at least that’s the way it’s often presented. The truth about the ...
Homeowners struggling to deal with the consequences of the sluggish recovery in home prices are wondering if they should sell now or wait for a real housing recovery; and the answers are as varied as the local markets. One of the keys to answering the question is motivation. Across the country mo...
  The following article provides some thought-provoking answers to the question: “Does it matter who won the presidential debates?” However, the critical issue may be: Will the American electorate take responsibility for discovering what the election actually represents? I’m not sure we’ll be com...
  According to the S&P/Case-Shiller home price index, typical home prices in July “rose” to the level of nine years ago . . . not exactly a sterling achievement, especially when compared to the boom times of just a few years ago. However, the increase can be interpreted as good news for those who...
  As the presidential election nears, politicians and their media toadies are turning up the rhetoric, aware that the average voter is too (stupid, apathetic, distracted, gullible, or biased—pick one) to see beyond the lies and distortions that are being bandied about. And therein we discover Ame...
Although most of us would prefer to focus upon business and leave politics to the politicians, we are nearing the the season when we will elect many of our local, state, and national "leaders," and I think it's appropriate to take some time and seriously consider the choices we make. Rather than ...

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