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My Real Estate Finance blog where I share my expertise on Conventional, High Balance, Jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA, 203k, Homepath, HELOC, Commercial, Construction, Land, Stated Income, Purchase, and Refinance loans. I also blog about various points of interest in and around San Diego county.
Remodel Your San Diego Home Using a FHA 203k Loan! Want to remodel your home, but don't have enough equity to pull out cash or qualify for an equity line of credit?  An FHA 203k loan can be the key to a remodel that could transform your San Diego home into your dream home! There are two types of ...
Condos for sale in San Diego, CA - Downtown If your looking for condos for sale in downtown San Diego, CA there are a lot to choose from.  In the last few years San Diego's Downtown has been in a building frenzy with more and more towers going up each year.  When searching for a condo for sale, d...
Don't Rent.  Buy.  In San Diego, CA - Hillcrest.  With home prices and rates as low as they are right now, you could actually buy a condo or home for about the same price you are currently paying for rent in many cases.  Many client I have had in Hillcrest and the surrounding areas who were renti...
Calculating property taxes that need to be impounded is an important thing to know for everyone involved weather your purchasing a home or refinancing. The formula to calculate them can be a bit tricky for some.  If your not in front of your originating system and need to figure it out here is a ...
San Diego, CA where the average median home price in San Diego County is about $345,000 as of June 2010, is a great place to live.  It is also a great time to look at your mortgage and consider if you can save money.  With interest rates at historic lows and several programs available for homeown...
Recently I was working with an agent who was helping a client try to short sale his home.  He had a legitimate hardship and had tried to get a loan modification, but was denied.  Currently is someone is trying to get a loan modification and they are denied the banks are "supposed" to allow them t...
I Recently posted about some FHA changes coming, but I re-created this to show the impact to a buyers purchasing power with these new changes to FHA and their new premiums
As many of you may have heard by now FHA will be making some changes to their upfront MIP as well as their annual MI premiums. The upfront MIP will be lowered to to 1.00%, down from 2.25% The annual MI will be increasing from .55% to .85% for loans with an LTV of less than 95% and .90% for loans ...
I've been through countless mobile phones over the last 10 years.  By far though my favorite has been my latest Blackberry 9000 (Bold)  I love being able to get my emails immediately when they are sent and since I spend quite a bit of time out of the office away from a computer it's invaluable to...
Most agents I have been working with for a while have seen the great results attaching a financing strategy to their listing can have on how much traffic they get and how quickly they sell the home.  In this illustration we are showing how a simple $5,500 credit from the seller to buy the buyer's...

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