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Men look. Women sneer. And the kids just get all saucer-eyed trying to figure out why a grown woman is riding her mountain bike around the neighborhood the same way they do. It’s just not normal in this town. Nearly everything is different about living here and I’ve come to realize that I’ve rath...
Today, hundreds of posts will populate this forum, each one trumpeting the greatness of our nation. The patriotic nature of this holiday spawns a passionate fervor. And it almost never feels like prejudice. Instead, it seems befitting of our eminence, of our central position in the social univers...
  How well I remember the wild, wild west. That adventurous place back in time where we roped and blogged our way into the new frontier of real estate. We saddled up and settled in and found our storytelling voice. Meanwhile, others held back and circled around the campfire, perfectly content to...
  Jump in here and spread the word to those you've encouraged to join ActiveRain! The deadline has been extended to May 17th, so the clock is ticking...     UPDATE :  I am reblogging this again, because the original deadline was May 10th. Yet we only had 1 entry. The new deadline is May 17th.  Th...
Well, that's not entirely true. We're alike in how we are so very different from all the rest. I'm speaking of our professional identity. Which for me, is precisely the same as my real self. My only self. You will never find me 'dressed for success', following a set dress code, conduct code or an...
  Desperate calls are not the best calls to receive when you're a Realtor. Nonetheless, I have had a couple in the last month and sadly, the home owners tend to call me when it's too late to do anything to help them. One in particular comes to mind:  a woman whose home is scheduled for auction in...
I don’t know what made me think a house was forever. Perhaps I’ve imagined that only I am temporary. Death aside, I always seem to be.  Remember that adage that says ‘you can never go home again’ ? Well it’s true. Tonight I learned that my grandmother’s house burned down. I can barely swallow thi...
I want to touch things. To leave them beautifully different from before I was ever there. To give. To nurture. Even as I am unaware, there is a stark difference between simply baking a cake, holding someone’s hand or just doing my job. When I do these things with passion, the difference is visibl...
I refute clichés and fight them at every turn. (Perhaps it’s the writer in me?) But this Monday morning shaped up to be simply awful! It began with a less than shining example of relationship bliss, unhappy news and… what’s this? Not another meme tag!  Thanks Susan!!  If they hadn’t all been toss...
All around me today it seems the world has checked out. Empty seems like company compared to the barren corridors in my office. Calls skate over to voicemail when I try to reach a lender, a broker, even a seller. Even people I love seem to be a little absent today. Where has everyone gone? Well I...

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Never one to follow unspoken rules, you'll find more than just Real Estate lurking within these pages. I just love to write. Which comes as no surprise to those who've followed my Real Estate Blog over the past 9+ years. In many ways, my writing is nomadic and unorthodox. A meandering chronicle of my thoughts and observations inspired by my passion for living, and for all things Real Estate. I hope you'll find it fresh and imaginative ~ and informative too! A tiny glimpse of ideas and experiences on buying and selling real estate throughout beautiful Charlotte NC! ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ View Jennifer Monroe's profile on LinkedIn