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  Let the stories begin!  When I’m fortunate enough to be invited into one’s home for a celebration of any kind, I look forward to the inevitable re-telling of great stories from past gatherings. That’s the moment I relax and revel in the bonds unveiling between myself and those I’ve arrived to e...
I've always been a reliable keeper of secrets. Perhaps because I view them as cherished little treasures. Exposing secrets causes them to wither into dust, and then what good are they? Just more clandestine information that's luster has been lost because everyone knows. But there are some secret...
This isn't the first time I've written about gratitude, but it will certainly be the most heartfelt. This is me humbly giving thanks for the GIFT of freedom I receive each and every day as a result of the ultimate act of kindness from our incredibly selfless brave men and women of our United Sta...
  Occupying even the smallest spot of ground is enough to qualify us as Lords and Ladies of one thing or another. It may be simply airspace, or it could be grounds fit for a queen, but the mere fact that it belongs to us is really the thing. Home ownership opens us to an entire world of exquisite...
  Unless your gazing upwards at birds falling from the sky, you're not likely to miss the various impressions and patterns that turn up on the sidewalks in historic Elizabeth. This is the kind of neighborhood where we do a lot of walking. So we just had to wonder about the creative owners of the...
You might think I would tire of viewing homes given my profession, but oh! Quite the opposite my friends! I just adore houses, and especially enjoy those that have pride of ownership stamped all over them. This is precisely why I am just thrilled that our very own Savvy + Company Real Estate is s...
Here's something I've never quite reconciled about myself:  I'm actually quite a convincing little actress, but such a terrible liar. And yet I've always maintained there is a place in this life for cute and cuddly white lies. They're soft and poofy and slide on by like pretty little clouds along...
Atmospheric spaces have always ignited the wandering tendrils of my imagination. Watery light filtering through unlikely windows, much as the siren calls. Secret promises are made to those willing to dive deep into the cool, dank aquamarine where serenity awaits. Shall we drift in? If left to my ...
  Dear Joe Crap,   Thank you so much for taking the time to register on my real estate website! You certainly have come to the right place for outstanding representation. And I see here that you’ve selected a few properties of interest to you. Well you're certainly off to a terrific start!   Gosh...
Those who know me well won't be surprised to hear that as a child, I didn't mind very well. I flew out of the womb with a fully formed idea of how things ought to be. I pressed my agenda like a dogged politician! But because I've been blessed with such kind parents, I can thank my lucky stars I w...

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Never one to follow unspoken rules, you'll find more than just Real Estate lurking within these pages. I just love to write. Which comes as no surprise to those who've followed my Real Estate Blog over the past 9+ years. In many ways, my writing is nomadic and unorthodox. A meandering chronicle of my thoughts and observations inspired by my passion for living, and for all things Real Estate. I hope you'll find it fresh and imaginative ~ and informative too! A tiny glimpse of ideas and experiences on buying and selling real estate throughout beautiful Charlotte NC! ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ View Jennifer Monroe's profile on LinkedIn