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From sleek marble finishes to dependable quartz, choosing your perfect countertop can feel like a minefield. After all, it is the focal point of any kitchen and bathroom, and often the setting of life’s most memorable moments, from serving up a storm every birthday to gathering the family around ...
In its most basic form, a retaining wall is essentially a structure commonly found in gardens and yards that holds or retains soil behind it. There is a plethora of different materials that can be utilized to create a retaining wall such as rocks, timber, boulders or concrete. Some are simplistic...
 It might surprise some developers to learn that high street banks and building societies still provide the highest level of funding to the Small to Medium Enterprise or SME sector. But there are new players in the market in the form of new types of banks, challengers to the big names and these n...
Switching Energy Providers After Moving House When you move into a new property, you’ll automatically be placed onto a ‘deemed contract’ with the current supplier of the home. Not only will the supplier have been chosen by the previous owner or occupant of the property, to meet their fuel and fin...
Talking to a consultant at Able Sales, it's clear that more and more people are buying generators as an essential backup power solution. With extreme weather conditions affecting power supply, there is an increasing need for a backup solution. There are many different types of power generators to...
I was visiting a friend last week after a few years and was shocked to see that she had accumulated so much clutter in her home since the last time I had seen her. From unwanted/discarded household items that were crammed miles high in the garage – all the way through to rusting garden equipment....
We may all remember that endearing (or maybe not so endearing) saying that our parents used to yell when we’d done something wrong “be grateful for the roof over your head!” – yeah, that one, well – there’s some truth in that the roof is indeed important and we all should be grateful for it – and...

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