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Join me as I move from being a Realtor to being a Virtual Assistant for Businesses all over the country.
Buyers: Why Get Pre-Approved?I know you have read about this a gazillion times, but there is a reason why agents relentlessly write about it. And in today's market it is more important than ever. This weekend I am showing property from a call about a property for sale. I asked them to please talk...
Product Review: Mile IQI am not sure why it took me so long to start using this app, becasue I have tried many and have heard this was the best one. After using three others for a year each, Mile IQ was my next one to test.Let me say that I was foolish not to start with this one! Right off the ba...
RealtyZam Review for Real Estate AccountingCurrently I am on day 10 of severe vertigo and so am pretty much bedridden. So while I am on an unexpected 'staycation', so to speak, I have decided to actually read all of those emails I get every day and see if there is anything I am missing. A few day...
Due Diligence in North CarolinaMany people who decide to move to Hendersonville, NC from other states are often confused when we get to the contract, and they have to deal with the Due Diligence fee part of the offer. Although I am guessing more and more states are doing this, it is fairly new in...
Why Move To Hendersonville, NC?I tend to be a total work-a-holic! Maybe I should capitalize that because it is so true! Not having had a day off in so long, I can't even recall, I took a day off this week. Yes, I turned my phone off, took off with a friend and off we went to explore the leaves in...
Are you taking advantage of your eEdge Contact Management System?One of the things I am noticing as I do classes at our Hendersonville, NC Keller Williams office is that almost nobody is using the Contact management system they all have access to in their back office. Other companies are using Ma...
Last month I was lucky to be able to go to Keller Williams Family Reunion in Orlando. I have been with KW for nearly 9 years and went from being an agent to a trainer and admin for multiple agents. I had never had the opportunity to go so I jumped at the chance when an agent I work for took me al...
Feeling a little overwhelmed about being an introvert in an extrovert society (or office environment)? Listen to this TED talk and reflect on your uniqueness, and shift your perspective!   Are you an introvert?
Simple Rules for Rental Investments If you find your Hendersonville rental property without a tenant this fall, it may not take long before you’re tempted to take the first applicant who shows up. Sometimes it doesn’t take much longer to remember why that can be a costly mistake! Hastily selected...
I went on a tour last week of the Deltec Homes factory, where they put together their prefabricated home systems. It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot.  One of the first questions asked by a participant in the tour was if these were considered modular homes, since they were prefabric...

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Join me as I move from being a Realtor to being a Virtual Assistant for Businesses all over the country.