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Join me as I move from being a Realtor to being a Virtual Assistant for Businesses all over the country.



What is the difference between and When I start to work with a new client building a website, and we set up a wordpress site, the question of what the differences are between vs. the often comes up. It is a valid question for those who hav...
Why Buy in the Hawthorn Hills Neighborhood in Hendersonville NC? I can give you my reasons. Over the years as a Realtor, and now as an assistant to Realtors, I love the chance to drive through this neighborhood. By far, Hawthorn Hills is the most colorful community in Hendersonville. Entering the...
Western North Carolina MLS (NCMMLS) Tools in Hendersonville NC, Tools for Realtors Series   Today I attended a class at the Hendersonville Board of Realtors to learn how the new Data Co-op program, Part of Core Logic System, works. It is a new feature in our Hendersonville MLS (NCMMLS) that offer...
When I was a Realtor (in another recent life) I was always looking for the Tools for Realtors that would give me the most bang for my buck. And now that I am assisting Realtors, I am still looking for those same great tools. After all, money can be tight  between those closings. So in this series...
After attending an e-Edge class in Cary, NC with Beth Torrence, I returned to start working on the profiles and websites for several of my Keller Williams Agents. I found something that all agents in Keller Williams Realty need to be aware of.  Under the Profile section for e-Edge, your contact i...
I just got an e-mail from Realbird announcing their new slideshow widget. It is amazing and makes your Real Estate Listings look really nice. Log into your Realbird account and go to Manage Listings, then find the new 'Slideshow' button on each listing. It works like the new Craigslist function w...
I just returned from Cary NC where I attended an all day class on Keller Williams Realty's e-Edge system. I had been in the system over the last year setting things for Realtors, but things have changed so dramatically over the last few months, and there were so many things I just never saw! It w...
Today I am in Cary NC with a group from the Hendersonville NC Keller Williams office and we are getting ready for a full day of training on the Keller Williams e-Edge system. I am really excited to learn more about it so I can assist Keller Williams Agents in getting the most from what they alre...
Last fall was a tough time for me. I had a long span of a lack of closings, and my finances were taking a hit. So I had to think long and hard about what to do and where to go from that point forward. I had been doing a lot of Wordpress sites for myself and friends and had been assisting other Re...

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Join me as I move from being a Realtor to being a Virtual Assistant for Businesses all over the country.