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Fall in Western North Carolina is the BEST! I have traveled all over the country over the years and have seen a lot of falls all over the country. I really love our falls here in Western North Carolina and this year looks like it will be another pretty one. Tomorrow kicks off fall being October ...
In representing a buyer, how do you handle their final walk through? Do you have any set rules for this? I found one that I stick to no matter. No more than 24 hours, preferably within 2 hours of, your closing a walk through must to be performed. And it must be performed by the buyers realtor and...
I was driving home this morning during an unusually heavy rain and along my street were a group of electricians getting electrical lines back up. They were drenched I am sure, despite the heavy yellow slickers they doned. I never realized how dedicated and hard working the electrical crews are un...
I was just reading an e-mail from Inman News this morning. I love to peruse their news, and often get a really good article that shifts my thinking about how I work in Real Estate. Today I found a great article that had a lot of great 'shifts in thinking' for me. An article on What The Customer W...
Many buyers aren't familiar with Easements in Western North Carolina. I would say that the majority of buyers coming to this area are coming from cities outside NC where there are mostly subdivisions. But here in Western North Carolina, many homes are located in rural areas outside of the protect...
Can we as Agents Perform Dual Agency Representation Without Hurting One Side? As a Listing Agent I am always surprised when I get a call on a property and a potential buyer wants me to show them a home. Don't get me wrong, I want buyers to look at any listing I have. But I just feel as though I a...
No!?? Well, Why not? Here is a video of what you missed today at the 65th Annual Apple Festival in Historic Hendersonville NC. The Apple Festival is held every year on Labor Day Weekend on Main Street in Hendersonville NC. If you missed it this year, try for next year! I am sure that the weather ...
For the last few weeks my house has been getting pummeled by nuts falling from the different trees in my yard. I have only been in this home for three years, but this is the first time I recall these nuts coming down with such force. I joke that I need to arm my pets with helmets in case they get...
Have you been to the 65th Hendersonville Apple Festival yet? This weekend has been perfect weather so far, as the 65th Apple Festival got under way on Friday, September 2nd. If you haven't made it yet, there is still one more day on Main Street, as well as the Monday parade. For more information ...

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Join me as I move from being a Realtor to being a Virtual Assistant for Businesses all over the country.