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The biggest mistake in selling your home Are you planning on playing the interview game? You know what I'm talking about. You interview ten agents and wait to see who will put the highest ticket on the home you need to sell. Well, if that is your plan, this article is for you.   Lets ask ourselve...
  This is such a great article I couldn't have said it any better. Especially #9! I have to say that since I started to carry my own cloth re-usable bags, I have been pretty shocked to see how many people just don't get that. Around here I have to actually explain to baggers that I have my own ba...
The Second Annual Do Tell Story Festival will be held in Hendersonville NC on July 10, 2010. On this day the Art of Story Telling will come alive on the streets of Downtown Historic Hendersonville. The purpose of the event is to promote the art of story telling through performance, participation ...
  I have heard of the The Sweet Onion, located in Waynesville NC, since my move to North Carolina, and last fall when I was in the area I decided I had to try it. There are nothing but rave reviews about this great eatery, and I have to say it was worth the side trip. The building is amazing. An...
Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital and Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Henersonville NC Located at 205 North Highland Lake Road, the Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital has been open for a little over one year.  Their location is just south of Downtown Hendersonville. We have many g...
Gasland the Movie and 'What's in Your Water'? I just watched the film Gasland on HBO. It has been playing all month and is an amazing documentary on the effects that drilling for natural gas has on the land. It was shocking to know that the gas companies were granted a pass on the clean water act...
  CDPE Ranks Short Sales The CDPE is reporting a list of the Banks and ranking them on how long it take to close a short sale. I was surprised at the length of time for First Loans: 1. GMAC – 6 months 2. Citigroup’s servicing arm CitiMortgage – about 7.5 months 3. Wells Fargo – roughly 8 months (...
The Play Me, I'm Yours! project in NYC is the best story I have heard in a long time with all of the political fighting and enviromental destruction. Have you heard about it? Sing for Hope is a non profit organization that mobilizes artists in volunteer service programs that benefit schools, hosp...
  Here is your list for Open Houses this weekend: Hendersonville NC Open Houses for Sunday June 27, 2010 There will be 40 homes open for you to walk through.Here is your chance to see a lot of homes in a short time, with no pressure. Be sure and look closely at the times and days. Although most ...
Month of Sunday's in Hendersonville NC. Check out Downtown Historic Hendersonville this month and see who is open on Sundays for you. Local businesses will be opening their doors on Sunday and will give you an added day to walk Main Street and see what is Downtown. So mosey on down and check it o...

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Join me as I move from being a Realtor to being a Virtual Assistant for Businesses all over the country.