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If you are thinking about buying a home and are still on the fence, you better get moving. The Deadline for The Home Tax Credit is Drawing Near.The deadline for getting a complete and signed offer is April 30th, 2010, only eight weeks away. The deadline for closing is June 30th, 2010. I would adv...
I saw Tips On Selling Your Home on Good Morning America Monday and thought I would share some of the insights listed there. I have added some of my own as well. Interviewing Gary Keller, author of Shift: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times, he had a theory I think is right on. On Good M...
Hey all of you first time buyers! Are you having a hard time knowing what it may cost you to close on a home? Most sites deal with mortgage calculators which will give you an approximate monthly payment. But this Closing Cost Calculator will tell you what to expect in up front closing costs. If y...
I was out looking at lots in Cobblestone Village the other day. I had not been there in a while and saw that there were several homes completed already. Two had already sold, but one was still available. 131 Falkirk Way is a stunning home. I called for an appointment immediately. I had to see thi...
Cobblestone Village is a new development in Zirconia NC, just south of Flat Rock and only 5 miles from Downtown Historic Hendersonville. It is on 225 South. This neighborhood is gorgeous, and in the mountains with beautiful long range views. The paved roads wind through woods and mountain stream...
It is another Spring Day In Hendersonville NC and I am really ready for it. It is already warm outside, and today is supposed to beat yesterday in getting warm. We saw at least 50's yesterday and today should be in the 60's easily. I was sitting on my porch sorting though the bulbs and seeds i go...
    I decided to be brave and try the bird feeders again. I really miss my birds and after the bear visit last fall, had been nervous about trying it again. So I put them out this morning to see. It is a beautiful day here in the mountains. Feels easily like 50's. I pruned my cherry trees and an...
           They almost turned me into a vegetarian, they were so sweet. I was able to pet them and they made sweet noises. It reminded me of my Grandfathers farm in Northern Indiana, just south of Cold Water Michigan. He had cows and horses and all kinds of gardens. His animals were all his pets,...
Druids Hills is an Historic area just north of Downtown Hendersonville. Located off of Highway 25 North, and across from Patton Park, it is convenient to Downtown, as well as shopping, and the Interstate. See the Hendersonville Historic Preservation Commission website, or they can be contacted a...
Located south of Downtown Hendersonville, Claremont is a beautiful neighborhood in Flat Rock Village. This is just south of Historic Hendersonville.It is located across from Kenmure, which has a gorgeous golf course. Homes in Claremont range in price from $360,000 to $998,500. You can look at the...

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Join me as I move from being a Realtor to being a Virtual Assistant for Businesses all over the country.