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Come on admit it, you've all but forgotten those resolutions already.  I have a solution, next week I'm sitting down with to interview Brett Figueroa and he'll share with us secrets to not only making the resolutions stick, but the secret to making ever lasting change in your life.   Brett is a p...
Free Live Conference Call, January 30, 2010 at 7:30 pm pacific.   Top Recruiter Andre Taylor, from Career Paths NW is going to sit down with me again and share some more insights on how to land the job.  Only this time Andre is also going to answer your questions live.  If you're in the job marke...
I just sat down with Amanda Predmore, CEO and Creative Director for Emaugo Creative.  In this interview Amanda shares with us ways to create and renew your brand.  Don't miss this valuble information.  It's a tough market out there, give yourself every possible advantage.  Click here to listen to...
I'm interviewing the President and Owner of Emaugo Creative on Wednesday and she'll share with us some of her secrets to making your brand stand out.  Please do not miss this important interview when I post it Wednesday afternoon.  If you missed the previous interviews check them out below.     S...
A few weeks ago I sat down with Top Sales Recruiter Andre Tayor of Career Paths Northwest and we disussed how to stand out in todays job market.  His powerful insights include what to do if you've already sent the resume in.  Its a very powerful interview and a must listen for anyone on the job m...
I found a great article this morning on budgeting as a homeowner, click here to read it. I believe it's a great value for anyone looking to buy a home or already a homeowner. I hope you believe so too. Have a great day and happy home hunting.
I sat down Sunday night with top producing recruiter Andre Taylor of Career Paths Northwest (http://careerpathsnw.com/).  In this interview Andre shared his secrets for anyone to make themsevles stand out in today's tough job market.  This is a must listen for anyone who is looking for a job or t...
Interview with top recruiter Andre Taylor to be posted on Monday.    3 Ways to Stand Out in Today's Tough Job Market.   This will be a must listen as Andre shares his insights and secrets for impressing potental employers and standing out above the pack.  It's a tough job market, don't you deserv...
If you could double you production and work half as much?  What would you do with the extra time?  What would you do with the extra money.  Are you open to looking at the possibilities?  Or are you a place where your stuck?  Most aren't willing to look at whats possible and just stay in the stuck...
What's one change or tweak you could make in your business that would have a lasting impact or explosive change in your production right now? Market Conditions improving is not a good answer.  We have no control over market conditions but you do have control over your actions in your business.  S...

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