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Have you wondered how this new Health care bill will effect mortgage rates?  I certainly have.  I wrote a blog post about it at Oregon Mortgage blog!!   HOW WILL HEALTH CARE LEGISLATION INFLUENCE MORTGAGE RATES?
At my company Mortgage Trust, Inc. we are set up as a correspondent bank.  This allows us to ensure that our clients always benefit from which bank has the best rates, while still controlling the entire process in house.  Additionally, I have access to real-time bond market movements that help my...
So 2010 has seen big changes in Mortgage rules of engagement, as well as rules of disclosure.  I have created a "good bad and ugly" breakdown of these changes, as well as prepared a short video at the Oregon Mortgage Blog. LEARN ALL ABOUT THE NEW 2010 GFE HERE
Tired of the doom and gloom in the real estate media?  Share this link with your friends and clients! 2 Stories: One that ends with a payment free mortgage for a year, and one that ends with someone refinancing with a plan to be completely debt free in about 10 years with zero impact to their cas...
I'm Pleased to announce a new section to my website: PDXHOMELOAN Videos! I made some simple 1 minute video clips for you to share with your friends and clients that contain VIDEO ANSWERS TO MORTGAGE FAQ   Please let me know what you think, and your feedback is always welcome.  Please submit ideas...
That has been the big question for a lot of my buyers.  I came across this little nugget of info from the whitehouse: 
One of the things that I'm seeing in the mortgage market is a tightening credit environment.  The "low-doc" / stated income type financing is all but gone (one or two programs remain but have large asset requirements 12-24 months PITI in reserve, 25% down etc).  The latest addition to the new mor...
Something new has permeated the mortgage industry, and how loans are underwritten.  Fannie Mae (FNMA), and the Mortgage Insurance industry at large have begun to treat properties in so called designated "declining marketplaces" differently.  Properties that receive this designation have required ...
Mortgage Trust has been approved to offer a new program called the "Access loan".  This is a High LTV program that allows you to borrow your down payment from a non profit grant program called "the National Homebuyers Fund" http://www.nhfloans.org/  The first Loan has flexible structuring options...


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