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Once again the mortgage industry is being SLAMMED and suffering as a result of the consumers making bad decisions!!!!!  Today the mortgage company that I work for announced that Wells Fargo just halted the Alt A program this is typically and interest only 30 year fixed mortgage with a 2nd 30 year...
Heat Index 98 today!!!!  we are at Saint Joseph's Hospital with my dad he is getting 2 stints in his heart today.  My sister drove him here this morning and I came down to meet them.  Upon arriving my dad announced that he had a heart attack because my sister drove 60 miles an hour to get here.  ...
So far I have attended the Hud classes I,II, and III.  This week I am working on the Local Listing Broker package.  All of the agents at the office came in one day for a special photo shot just to send off with our Hud listing package, we made it really fun for everyone that came in and gave them...
This past week has been really strange.  In Floyd County there were 5 house fires this week.  The fist one was a house that I have listed for sale. Thankfully no one was home and it was electrical.  The 2nd and 3rd one happened 2 days later.  One was electrical and an older couple lived in it for...
My husband and I just recently drove from Rome,GA to Pennsylvania to visit his brother and wife.  In Rome we have suffered from a drought that is worse than it has been in over 150 years. Until this month we had a deficit over 19 inches.  In spite of all this our foliage has managed to stay lush ...
One of my biggest pet peeves is working with buyers that WANT to buy over their means!  I have been working with this lady that is 6 months pregnant, dresses like a million dollars, has 3 cars all with loans, wrote 3 bad checks that were turned into collections in the past 12 months.   She paid o...
Just a quick question for all you pros out there.  I have been using Red X for over a year now.  This sevice provides the public information and published phone numbers for the owners of properties that are new, active, expired this information also includes the mailing address for the owner.Rece...
I have one question what is up with the bad publicity on beauty queens this year?????  First thing I heard this morning when I turned on Fox News is the interview between the anchor and 2 former beauty queens one that lost her crown for racy photos and another who has attended the same college in...
I have been blogging off an on for a total of about 2 hours this after noon and moved up 10 spots in the stats for GA.  I think it is neat the way the way the scoring is earned and determined.  Did you know that a post with less than 50 words is zero points?I finally have figured out the
My husband and I went today to Atlanta to Cumberland Mall and enjoyed lunch with my mother in law, sister in law (she was visiting from England) and her husband.  We ate at P.F. Chang's Chinese Bistro the food was awesome, the atmosphere was vibrant and music was hip.  The lettuce wraps are to di...

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