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Steve Morris the founder of Exit Realtyis coming to Atlanta!  He will be presenting Power Selling 101, this is a rare opportunity to meet an exceptionally focused person.  Steve Morris was named as "One of the top Influential People In Real Estate by Ris Media"  The function is from 10 am until 3...
I want to recognize everyone of the agents at our office for their efforts and acheivements, so I called a mandatory meeting (30 Minutes) for Monday and only one agent showed up!  I was also offering 1 1/2 hours of Training (not mandatory)!!!!  I don't get it.....when things are really as slow as...
This is a e-mail that I received from a past client of mine........he has sent me several referrals and it came at a time that I really needed to hear it, sometimes we work really hard to make deals work and get beat down in the I was having a pity party last week and then this real...
At 6:30pm tonight I will successfully get a small parcel of land that is adjacent to my office complex rezoned NOC.......I know the opposition will try everything to stop it.  The Planning & Zoning Committee has already approved it and the parcel is only 50 X 150 so there is not much that can act...
Wish me luck!!!  On my next adventure!  Monday night at 6pm I am praying that the right thing is done at the City Commissioner's meeting.  I have petitioned to change the zoning on a piece of property that is adjacent to the back of my office.  The property once had a house on it and the house wa...
AH, it has been a great day!  I completed the application today for the local listing broker for HUD, hopefully we will know in October if our firm is selected as a local listing broker........I think we will get picked for that job.In the meantime, we contracted 2 sales today and I listed 310 ac...
On 2nd Ave. in Downtown Rome, GA yesterday it was 109 at the Suntrust building.  A friend of mine went to the hospital becasue of heat exhaustion and dehydration!  So make sure as we go through our heat wave that you drink alot of water especially when you are out showing houses and taking listin...
Gorgeous Historic Home in Downtown Rome!  5 bed 3 baths, off road parking, formal dinning, living room, detached garage, hardwood flooring, dual heating and air systems.  Front steps will be repaired prior to move in and the yard will be maincured.  Rental rate is $3,000 per month with a 2 year l...
o.k. I have to admit that for the most part this year has been tolerable......this week the temp has been over 100 everyday with NO rain at all in our area!!!  The last time we reached over 100 was 7 years ago!In the meantime, we are having an outdoor kitchen installed........the cement was poure...
Tuesday afternnon I received a phone call from a gruff older man who wanted me to drop what I was doing and meet him at a listing 30 minutes from my office(no cell phone reception) to show the house to him and his wife.  He asked how much the house was and I told him $146,500 so he said he wanted...

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