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I just left my favorite hair dresser and received the most awesome hip new haircut!  Beth Erwin is a master cosmotologist and has 25 years experience.  She just colored my hair about 2 weeks ago, then we went on vacation to the beach (no fading as you can see ...I'm the brunette by the way!)  The...
After 4 months of marketing (a short sale) and negotiating 4 offers on a home that has a 1st mortgage with WAMU and a personal loan as a 2nd through the local branch of Citifinancial our deal is dead!!!!  All because WAMU's investors will only ALLOW Citi to get $1,000 as a payoff for a $15,000 lo...
We have been super busy at our office.  The creating Your Own Reality class swith Erica Nasby really upped our inventory and we are having FUN selling REAL ESTATE!!!!!! After all I did though I found out that I am allergic to honeysuckle it happens tobe in full bloom now!!!  So I am home trying t...
Dang!!!! It has been one crazy week!!!!!  I have been trying to close out 3 deals that have been for various reasons delayed.  One is b/c the 2nd mortgage company has a major computer malfunction and is having to do everything manually!  The other was my husband's loan and had to go through the u...
I was going to make the 100th blog a milestone but I was so busy writing and getting to that point that I totally forgot to acknowledge that in my last post so here's to post was a great day at an open house that I had today even flipped a looker to a client.......hopefully I will ...
WOW are you guys busy or what?????  I sold 5 houses yesterday and 2 today!!! I wrote 2 loans today too.  Plus I mananged to help train another Realtor write two offers as well.  So I am trying to breathe deep!!! The best part is that all my clients are so NICE!!!!  I love Rome, Ga because most ev...
O.k. so I am doing a survey now for my new book I am writing.  Tell me all you avid REALTORS.......WHAT DO YOU LOVE THE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB AS A REALTOR?WHAT IS THE WORST PART TO YOU ABOUT BEING A REALTOR? I have often thought of people like the Ken you know he had one of the featured blogs yeste...
My family absolutely loves this recipe!2.5 lbs of peeled, chopped and boiled potatoes make sure to add a dash or 2 of onion powder while boilingBlack Label Maple Flavored bacon cooked and crumbled4 0z. sour cream2 TBLSP Mayonaise1/2 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese.After boiled potatoes and prep...
Congratulations Darlene Wurth of Exit REalty Showcase in Rome, GA on earning your higher education Certified REO Specialist certificate!  Darlene is now certified and trained to help homeowners in Rome and the surrounding cities or Cedartown, Rockmart, Smmerville, Lindale, Silver Creek, Adairsvil...
Exit Realty is now offering a potential selling bonus of $50,000 for selling homes enrolled in the 50G program as you represent buyers that buy these homes you will get to compete in a game of skill real estate related and the winner will get $50,000 sent to their broker of course and then howeve...

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