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Just a quick post to see how many of you guys are using the Buyer's Brokerage Agreements????  The ones that are published for 2009 have a new paragraph which allows for the Realtor to represent and charge a retainer that is non refundable if the client doesn't buy.  However, if the buyer does clo...
Realtors ask me all the time how many foreclosure companies does your firm service?  How do I get started?  The best way to get started selling foreclosures is to register with the company that helps prepare and market HUD homes in your area.  Second contact my office and we have a list of about ...
01/26/2009 Click and enjoy this office is completely ready to serve all your business needs in a welcome home souther kind of way!!!  Located on Hwy 27 in Old East Rome, GA priced way below appraised value $328,250 appraised two weeks ago for $389,900. ...
Darlene and I had a blast today at the 2nd annual Pink Ride for Breast Cancer research.  Melinda Gresham put the event together and EXIT Realty Showcase, Rome, GA sponsored the event and we donated our time today to help for a cause that we strongly believe in..........  today there were 61 ride...
I just finished reading this book!  It is an amazing read I could not put it down.  I bought it on Thursday and finished just know the question that I think we all ask at least one time in our life???? WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?  This book tells you that answer and mo...
The area that I am from does not have time shares.  Does anyone have experience in selling a timeshare?  I have a client that relocated to Florida and she wants to sell her time share.  Do you have any suggestions????  Thanks so much! 
Did you know that what you think is absolutely 100% true the good, the bad and the ugly?????  All of that stuff you know that self talk you have all day long is what you believe.  So I have been writing affirmations to change the "thought process"  and Create neurons and pathways t...
Did anyone hear if the deletion of DPA get approved through the house and the senate today?  I hope that it doesn't pass because the stats are in 94% of the FHA Nehemiah loans and other down payment assistance loans are still in GOOD standing!!!!! I think that President Bush is very passionate ab...
Part 2 of the Citifinancial debacle that has engulfed another unfortunate homeowner!!!!!!  It is now going on week 16 that we have been trying to get Citifinancial (Junior Lien holder) to accept a lower pay off on a 2nd mortgage and restructure the remaining debt but yet give a lien release so th...
Have you read this book???? It is truly awesome and worth every minute.....I know it is not Real Estate related but it is one of my top 10 Books to READ, someone asked me yesterday what is my top 10 books list???  So here it is..... 1. Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell  (A True American Hero) 2. H...

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