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Interesting comments on the Dutchess County Real Estate Market.
AS a "friendly divorce" when there is a house to sell.Hostilities start at the listing presentation. It depends on which spouse initiated the call: If the husband did, the wife doesn't approve. If the wife calls, the husband disagrees with the decision. It would be nice if the attornies would dec...
Her name is not important, she was in her 80's and was living only one step up from homeless.The only good thing was that she was recommended as a recipient of help from the "Christmas in April" organization.If you are not aware, "Christmas in April" is a yearly event taking place on the last sat...
That was the question.I am in the office every day. I usually arrive between 7:00AM & 7:30AM. One Sunday morning, I noticed a man's body on the grassy area between the parking lot and the road. The road is a relatively busy one.I thought that this man may have been a victim of a hit-n-run driver ...
Museum of Modern Art.We have this wonderful town in the Hudson Valley called Beacon. Truly a shining light on the Hudson River.It was left to deteriote until the local Mayor fought all odds and slowly the town returned to a vibrant tourist stop on the Hudson River. Restaurants abound and the arts...
Several years back we were attending a broker lunch hosted by one of our agents. We were asked to give some suggestions on how to handle the decorating "problem". They had not elaborated on exactly what the problem was. The broker lunch was scheduled and we would see for ourselves.We arrived at t...
I've seen all types of decorating, but nothing like this. I truly did not know what to say. I thought about bleating(goat noise), but at the risk of being rude, I said nothing.Every room was painted black and white. An example of a coffee table: Goat legs holding up a table. Goat heads on the wal...
Yesterday, during a "walk-thru" prior the closing, we discovered that the home had a septic tank and not a private sewer.I would not have picked up on this unless the owner was there. The listing said private sewer. I told the home inspector that there was a private sewer and no need for a septic...
I am a firm believer in this philosophy. Here is the perfect example:We will call this customer Mr. #### Buster. I think we've all worked with someone  like this. One of our agents had this OPPORTUNITY.I'll do my best to describe his appearance: Rather round in body shape. long grey pony-tail, op...
I'm headed this week to the Javits center in NYC for the car show. I'm taking the train from Poughkeepsie to NYC to conserve energy and to save on gasoline.GREEN is the buzz word. I'm told that the first few cars to see are outside and are yellow. Yellow taxi cabs- all sizes & makes. From a PT cr...
Several years ago, I was working with an investor that had rental properties. He had some bad experiences with a few of these tenants.One house in particular seemed to attract deadbeat tenants that had to be evicted.Needless to say, the investor was adamant about the quaility of the next tenant: ...

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Interesting comments on the Dutchess County Real Estate Market.