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Interesting comments on the Dutchess County Real Estate Market.
NO TIME RESTRAINTS------NO PAID ADVERTISINGIf you have a listing on a busy road, you can host an Open House whenever you have the time. Just put your sign up add some balloons and you are ready. The best part is you can stay any length of time that works for you: 1 hour, 30 minutes, 2 hours, you ...
I've noticed that sellers are now offering all kinds of incentives to induce agents to show their houses. It might work but I am not so sure.If the house meets the criteria of the buyer, chances are the agent is going to show your house with or without an agent incentive.Some incentives are time ...
Did you know where the horse head in the infamous scene in the Godfather came from?? It came from Poughkeepsie. A local horse vet provided the head.IBM made typewriters here.Vassar college was actually a girls college founded ny Matthew Vassar. There were no closets in the dorm rooms only a few h...
Our staff has these folders made up in advance. All the agent has to do is pick one up for the appointment. Our folders are quite extensive. Lots of "stuff" to let the FSBO know that it is important not to try to sell without us.A list of the things: 1. Exclusive right to sell contract.2. NYS age...
Not the toy kind....But a real house full of dolls.The owner of this house collected antique dolls. She had hundreds of them. They were everywhere in the house: on the staircases, on top of cabinets, in closets, sitting in the fireplace, in the bathrooms, just everywhere! She also had old prams a...
The following person is "working the area'  His e-mail Eaglewolf@aol.com. This is not a real e-mail address.He is posing as a federal agent, contacting sales agents, and attempting to meet the agent at empty houses. This person is a very real and serious threat to agents in the immediate area.Thi...

I was quite shocked to read in the paper about a local Broker  that has been convicted of a felony DWI. (third Offense).My understanding of License Law in NYS is that a felony conviction cancels your Broker/Agent license. I wonder what would happen to the agents in that office. What happens to th...
Or so it was reported.Each year in the spring someone spots a young black bear in the area. We are a very populated town, so this always surprises me. My understanding is that the mother bear gets rid of of teenage sons in the spring.Maybe they know something we do not!!!!!I have never seen the b...
It is a question we hear frequently, especially in a Buyers Market.Most sellers do not like the answer:LOWER YOUR PRICE!!. In most cases that is the only thing left to do. We can't change the location of the house. However, the seller is convinced that their house hasn't sold because of lack of a...
Just a question that  I can answer.I reached that 100 blogs posted yesterday. What should I expect today after accomplishing this milestone?So far, I do not think there are fireworks scheduled in my honor. No flowers or champagne have been delivered.I haven't received any gold stars or cookie awa...

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Interesting comments on the Dutchess County Real Estate Market.