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Interesting comments on the Dutchess County Real Estate Market.
Definition: Listen--To give attention for the purpose of hearing.Listening is a week trait for many agents. I know it is not my strongest point. "Finish your sentence, Hurry up, You are too slow" is what's going on in my mind. I even go so far as finishing sentences. THIS IS NOT THE RECOMMENDED A...
AVOID THE BUSINESS SABOTEUR!!!!!!!You will find these saboteurs everywhere. They might be sitting next to you. You might even live with them.The saboteurs special purpose (perhaps unknowingly) is to make you fail. These are the negative people  that under the guise of trying to help, will constan...
We are in the business of listing saleable properties. We must prospect DAILY(a minimum of 2 hrs each day).If you are not going to prospect, what are your alternatives? If you do not have any listings you are unemployed. A couple of reasons we do not prospect: REJECTION  & EMBARASSMENT.If we can ...
Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. left us with a legacy which reminds us that in a multiracial,multi cultural society no group can make it alone. We must become ONE AMERICA. Housing plays a decisive role in the achievement of ONE AMERICA, and home ownership remains at the center of the American dream. I...
MEGAN'S LAW There are more than 7,000 convicted sex ofenders in New York State under the Sex Offender Registration Act, better know as "Megan's Law."Although there have been numerous challenges to the Sex OFFENDER registration Act, the courts have consistently upheld its validity.Under Megan's La...
I was sued for Misrepresentation and lost!!!Here is the tale of a "LITTLE OLD LADY" and me.Once upon a time, there were  no agency or propery disclosures used. You were  ethical or you were not.I had just listed a mobile home park on 6 acres. I'll reference the 6 acres again as we go along. The a...

TEAMS WORK!!!  TWO agents for the price of one. Clients like the idea that there will always be one of the team they can reach. I am a strong advocate of TEAMS working together to accomplish  a goal.The advantages: Each member of the team brings their strong points with them to the listing presen...
The first time I was introduced to a formal listing Presentation Book, I thought: This is just too weird-I am JANICE LIPKA and I do not need this book. I am the listing queen!!(I do tend to reject change and exaggerate a little)I refused to even try--I was  quite good at getting listings and real...
It's been a long time since I was a "new agent"This is how I began:  Fresh from the Real Estate class. I thought I was ready. I got a broker to sponsor me And I showed up at office.I will always remember the sales manager. She told me not to expect to be in this business for very long and she ass...
No one knows your home as well as you do. But Real Estate professionals know buyers:what they want and what they need. Agents will have an easier time selling your home if you stay in the background. It is best if you can leave during the showing. If you must be home, be friendly, but do not try ...

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Interesting comments on the Dutchess County Real Estate Market.