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What are you spending your time thinking about.... is it all the good things going on or the not so good?Are you affirming what you can do or obsessing about what you cannot? Our energy follows our thoughts. How are you usingyours today? 
What is your mission today? Is it al about you? Possibly all about finding the next buyer or seller....How would life change if you stopped first to consider your mission and why you are here and then proceeded to serve that new buyer or seller?  That mission has served me well. Will you join me? 
Are you living your unique life or trying to copy someone else's? God gifted each of us differently. Can I encourage you to maximize your strenghts today?
Are you what you were created to be? Possibly you are allowing others to dictate or write you story....Can I encourage you to be who God created you to be?!
We do not serve ourselves or anyone else's higher good if we are always running on empty. Can I encourage your to renew, restore and replenish? Even God rested on the 7th day and He had no physical limitations like we do. 
God Designed Today For YOUR Higher Good. Are you living it like that? Say yes to the day and what is what intended for. It's a choice.  
Being happy is a state of mind, not a circumstance. You were wired by the Creator for happiness, if you choose to accept it and live it out is up to you. Will you join me? 
What if we looked at someone an started tallying up all the things they do right instead of making a list of their wrongs...What if we did that with ourselves.... started listing our rights, our positives instead of our wrongs or our negatives. Forgive otheres, forgive ourselves. We are provided ...
A new day dawns....It's a clean slate to write on until sunset.It is not meant to rewrite yesterday's mistakes. 
We have a planner to manage our time...What is we planned to manage our thoughts.....?How would that significantly impact our daily life?

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