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What are the relationships you value? Does this speak true of them? 
Stop what you are doing right now. Look around you, or if you are alone think about the last 5 people you spent time with. Are they positive or negative.... do they lift you up or drain your energy? Do be your highest and best self you must surround yourself with the highest and best infuencers, ...
Think about who God has used in your life? Posssibly, right now He is using you in someone elses's.... 
Love wasn't meant to be held hostage. It was meant to come without conditions...... unconditional in design. 
What are you swimming in? Is it encouragement, affirmations and abundant people that love life? If not, you might want to consider cleaning up your water (surroundings). Swimming in polluted water will never get you to your highest and best self. 
Most of us don't tap in to even 25% of our giftedness. What would you say your percentage is? Imagine if you used 85% or better.... how would that impact your ife and the life of those around you? 
Think of your enviroment at the soil. The people you encounter as the water and ferilizer. Are you planted in the right place, with the right people to reach your highest and best potential?
Stop. Right now . What space are you living in? Is it the space designed for you? We spend so much time trying to reinvent ourselves whe God has designed us perfectly for our higher good. 
So what do you say? Are you living a could have, would have... might have life? 
Do you place conditions on the people you love or come in contact with to conform to your way of thinking? Thankfully Jesus did not. He loved everyone. What if we did too? 

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