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You have everything you need inside of you! God wired you for an amazing destiny. Are you using those gifts and talents today? Are you living out that destiny? If not let me help you with the roadmap. It's called Check it out a
Are you trying to manage your situation/s all on your own power? Why not use the Source that knows all and never depletes?? Can I encourage you to invite that unlimited source into your situation and watch the results?
What is your mindset and where is it taking you???
Are you tracking your giving??? Counting every penny.... reinding people what you have done for them? Can I encourage you that you can never ot give God and he is NOT keeping tabs.
What are you allowing into your spirit today. Keep in mind if you even have it on in the background it is being absorbed into your mind. Negative news, negative people... fighting, expressed doubt and worry around you..... all are mentally ingested. 
So often we go through life and don't take time to appreciate the little things. The sunshine, a hug, our family, our job or that ssomeone picks up our trash every week. Can I challenge you to write down everything you appreciate each day for a week? I think the list will amaze you AND increase y...
Are you careful of the words you say? Do they empower and encourage they tear down or deflate? Words matter to our kids, to our partnes, to our friends, to our coworkers, to the people we meet the first time. Can I encourage you to choose them carefully and consider the impact?
How do you express yourself to those around you that cannot do anything for you? Kindness Matters. It is a Universal Language. 
Are you in the ocean of life with nothing to protect you? Can I encourage to grab hold of the best life preserver out there? 
Are you looking for and expecting those blessings? 

Janet Brooks

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