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With God as my source nothing amazes me. His resources are never overdrawn. Blessings come to me in expected and unexpected ways! I have in the past limited the flow in my life with my mindset or controlling patterns.    Realizing that I DO NOT control the flow has allowed me to experience abund...
I know good comes to me through unexpected avenues and God works in a myriad of ways to bless me. It is up to me to be open to the flow! So often I have blocked it with my own thoughts, doubts or fears that have creeped in. It is amazing to when awareness hits and you realize that the good or gr...
God designed my life to be like a river, not a reservoir.. what I have is intended to flow through me to benefit others.   If I choose to hold onto my gifts, my abundance then I am am blocking the flow. It is not meant to stop with me. So many times we try to "hold on" to what we have instead of...
Exponential growth requires me to shift my desire to deeds and my wants to actions! I know that wishing for things to change will not change them. Intention + Action = Change. I can have all the good intentions in the world, but without taking action steps to make them happen they remain just  t...
I can either live my life By Design or By Default. Design requires intentional living and growth.... default requires nothing.If I have a burning desire to make a difference and provide lasting impart in others it requires me to embrace intentional living in myself and empower and equip others t...
What My Soul Craves...  I choose to live for what my soul craves... to uniquely add value ... to do what I can to empower and equip others to their best self, while living into and stretching mine. It requires being intentional in my passion, purpose and pursuit. What does your soul crave? Are yo...
I believe God gave me a blank canvas when I was born and whispered "Go create your destiny" and then handed me the paint and paint brush (tools) to create it. He allows me to be the artist of my own life, in fact He expects it. No one else can paint my picture or make the difference I was create...
I know purpose comes from within. It works from the inside making it's presence known on the outside. I consciously choose to use live out my purpose, to magnify it to it's highest and best. This is not ego or arrogance... it's my Divine Intent, what God called and created me to be and do. Are yo...
To pursue my purpose or live out MY WHY I must do activities and actions outside my comfort zone. This often requires me to change and up my game, so to speak. I cannot allow fear or doubt to keep my from my purpose. Nor can I wait for the ideal time. Very rarely does our Why gives us an invitat...

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