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  Absolute Consultant Group (ACG), a leader in Loss Mitigation and Workout Negotiations, is reporting today that they received word from a Bank of America (BAC Home Loan Servicing LP) insider that  there will be a new expansion into the Nationwide Homeownership Retention Program (NHRP). Most impo...
Question: “Thanks for the quick Response, Jonathan. No pun intended… Wanted to check with you if the BPO would shatter our Short Sale possibility. Apparently, I was reading a couple of articles on the internet that said the BPO is something that Realtors do on behalf of the Lender but with minim...
These are a few of the plans offered by lenders and a few ways that you may be able to stop a foreclosure: Full Reinstatement- This is the act of taking the account out of foreclosure or default status by making a payment in full for the defaulted amount plus the additional payment of all fees a...
There is so much fear of contacting the lender, but maybe for good reason. Today, I was dealing with a lender whose counselor tried to tell me that the property in question had a sale date of 4-11. The account was not referred to foreclosure until recently on 4-3. When I began to explain that the...
As an outlet for Reuters, quoted ,Shanna Smith, chief executive of the National Fair Housing Alliance, as saying "All the predatory lending that has gone on, all of the pushing of exotic loans on people of color, female-headed households, families with children, people with disabilities -...

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