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I work hard every day for my clients. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work!
I bought a metal detector this week! I am going to be outside a lot more often, using my "coin machine" to find rings, coins, and other cool stuff under the grass at my local parks and schools. What a great way to get outside, get some exercise, get some fresh air. and have the possibility of fin...
Don't tell anyone I told you this, but there is a "secret" area bordered by Silvana, Arlington, and Stanwood. Locals call it 7 Lakes, others call it Lakewood, Wa... This well kept secret contains many great suprises. Country Burger is a bit hit, and even famous folks such as Gene Hackman have bee...
I live in Arlington, close to our sister city, Darrington!  Darrington is a little further up the road, but is a great little town to live in or around.  Darrington is a small community, and is truly the gateway to the Cascades. The Suak-Suattle reservation is just around the corner, as are some ...
It seems that everyone who comes to Arlington knows about the Fly In every year that transforms our little town into a tourist destination.... BUT, we are much more than a Fly In, we are Arlington! Did you know, for example, that Gene Hackman (Yes, Lex Luthor!) has a summer home in the Arlington ...
Today in the Herald, an article talked about Tulalip Tribal families developing the land just North of Donna's Truck Stop (116th Ave)... Here are some ideas the developers have for the property... Amusement Park Water Park An outdoor style mall similar to Alderwood's "face lift" Other possible co...
DEAL, DON'T FAIL ME KNOW!!!!!! Working at a new construction site this week, I have had the fun opportunity to try to keep a deal from falling apart! Lots of spit, elbow grease, duct tape, massages, 100's of phone calls and 3 hours of sleep a night and look! It's a signed around agreement that wi...
Did anyone attend the VEGAS one this year? I missed it and I was not happy. I had three deals closing that week, and could not get away...   I would like to attend the next one. Is it worthwhile to attend? It certainly looked like a ton of great seminars, trade shows, and, of course, GAMBLING!!! Jim
OK, I have done my homework on this one, folks! I think I have shopped in every grocery store in Marysville (and Arlington) that exists! The best, for prices, by quite a bit is WINCO. For example, 5 bags of the same groceries cost $50 less at Winco! Baby formula, anywhere else (including Wallmart...
In this "special" market, my home inspector has decided to become very creative. He is now offering new listing inspections! He will spend several hours at the home just placed on the market, to find any issues that buyers may discover during their own inspection. Paul's idea is terrific! The rep...
Oh WOW! I stopped by the new construction site I work each weekend to meet some clients. They had called me earlier in the day and wanted to make an offer on one of the condos! (SWEET!) So, I arrived 15 minutes early and opened up the three completed model homes, all next to each other. When I op...


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