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The Real Estate Tomato is a destination for real estate news, emarketing, internet insight, services and products. Our mission is to provide Realtors with the news, knowledge, service and technology to make them more successful.



Being consistent with your expected posting schedule is crucial when it comes to maintaining an audience.  Below are 5 strategies for populating your blog when you find yourself short on time and creativity.   We use the top 4 to ensure the Tomato is fed its daily article.No Time To Blog? Blogger...
As the parking lot of opportunity begins to fill, and more and more Realtors are grabbing their surfboard in an attempt to ride this wave of change called Web 2.0, one question rings most frequent: "What is the difference between a website and a blog." The Business Blog vs. The Real Estate Websi...
What percentage of people who start a blog let it die in the first month?Blogging is not for everyone.  It is such that most who try will fail.This will be worse than the rush to get a website for Realtors.  You see, websites can be marketed any number of ways, and there are many carrots with whi...
A few days late here...per my promise to have followed up Running Into Oncoming Traffic with this post.  Sharon, I hope you haven't gone light headed in your waiting ( I'm waiting for your listing blogsites with baited [sic] breath....)-- It is hard enough to maintain one blog.   Why would anyone...
Your mother told you not to play in the street.  This is not your mother writing.Find the busiest avenue you can and step recklessly into it, eyes wide open.You will get the attention you're looking for.What does this have to do with Real Estate?Click here to follow the link to the rest of the a...
This is a bit of cheesy post, I know. I am looking for some of the best blogs (independent of AR) in the Mortgage industry.Are there some examples you would like to share with me? Thanks for your help. 
The Real Power of Blogging Quick, but powerful post on the Real Estate Tomato.  Please come by to check it out and to make comment.
I am a bit confused.  Perhaps I can get some clarity.Recently I learned that AdvancedAccess (and probably others) are using their referral link back to ActiveRain in their client communication newsletter/email blastEverytime AdvancedAccess blasts a communication out to their audience of many 10s...
I use Firefox because of its versitility as a web-browser.  It's usership grows everyday, and there is little the MIcrosoft has been able to do about it.  Looking at real estate websites and blogs is my life job.  Recently I have noticed a little problem with the way 'A La Mode' websites appear i...
My own testimonial of blogging success.Yesterday's Carnival of Real Estate was a chore, for sure... but let me give you the numbers and you tell me if you think it was worth it:Sunday, Sept 11th38 entries895 website visits405 unique visits1207 page views4:15 average visit time117 RSS news reader...

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