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When I first started in Real Estate in 2004, I quickly began to purchase Internet leads. I recall my broker making fun of me, telling me what money I was wasting. This concerned me but I also think it gave me a sense of purpose, as I did not have the money to waste and needed it to work.Soon afte...
A while back I went into a restaurant and ordered a sandwich. To my dismay when the sandwich came, the  lettuce was brown and wilted. When I asked the waiter to replace the lettuce he told me that was all the lettuce they had. It occurred to me they had several options before serving the brown wi...
People who know me, know I am a first class seating type of guy. If I fly, I am willing to pay for the upgrade. That being said, because of the actions of Southwest I always, when possible choose to fly SWA. Obviously, they have no first class seating, however I have to say in my experience the c...
For some reason all logic seems to go out the window when dealing with contractors. As a contractor myself I have seen people quickly offer deposits, not requests quotes in writing and makes payments when payments should not be made. Here is the way a professional contractor deals with sub contra...
When Disneyland opened in 1955 it was met with all sorts of issues. From sticky pavement, 100 degree temperatures, broken rides and almost double the anticipated attendance, the press called the park a complete failure. While I am sure no one today would dream of calling Disneyland a failure, we ...
We all use the phrase "Don't nickel and dime me" and I am here to tell you that those nickels can really add up in a remodel project. SET A BUDGET. Set a construction budget for a remodel, try to think of every piece you will need. If you are doing the work yourself, make a list of everything dow...
Sometimes it takes a little effort and creativity to get a job done. A few years back I had a listing which would not sell. The home was a modest property in a working class area in Phoenix. For the most part the homes were well kept and family oriented, however there was one home that was somewh...
When Walt Disney set out to build Disneyland he was to nearly as successful as would be. Walt Disney Studio's was doing well but did not have the kind of capital it takes to build something like Disneyland. To raise money, Walt did what most of us would do, he went to banks, many, many banks who ...
Many years back, a family stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. Like most parents they had purchased their children plush toy souvenirs. The first morning, when the family set out for their adventure at Disneyland the children left their toys on the bed (most likely to catch some extra sleep).After a l...
So I had an employee who embezzled $4,500 from me by forging checks. At the time she worked for me she was pregnant and when arrested she had meth in her car, that was almost exactly two years ago.Yesterday, I was contacted by the county attorney and asked if I was still willing to press charges ...

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