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During the Vietnam war, copper became harder to find in the US leaving wire manufactures to find a conductive metal that was readily available and Aluminum wiring became main stream.While aluminum (or AL wiring) was cheaper, the devices to connect to the AL wiring were not, sometimes costing as m...
As I am recalling my days as a service electrician this week I thought I would go to my second most common service call, tripped breaker. I can't tell you how many times I went to someones home who swore they checked the breakers, only to find it was in fact tripped.Only one of the major circuit ...
In my years as an electrician, the most common service call I received was receptacles not working. More often than not it turned out to be a GFCI receptacle. GFCI recepts can control a variety of receptacles throughout the home from one place. Prior to certain code changes throughout the year it...
Before I entered real estate I was an electrical contractor and spent a portion of that career working specifically with lighting. In fact, I was an award winning contractor through Salt River Project, winning two awards for my work in the lighting field.There are two keys to proper lighting, Kel...


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