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Sellers and buyers sell and purchase homes with all kinds of property conditions.How often is the seller giving the buyer a concession (by way of a closing cost credit) because of home inspection issues?In a hot market, the seller will likely provide no concession.However, in a more balanced mark...
We all know that all real estate market conditions are local. But, it might be a good time to ask, what's needed to improve the real estate market in your service area for coming 2015 year? We are all from different parts of the country, and our real estate markets depend on the local economy. Wh...
Have you seen the price of gasoline drop in the last few weeks? This will surely help consumers use their savings in other ways. This should help the economy in general. (and maybe the real estate markets?) However, the bigger pictures are the areas of the country that have the huge oil discoveri...
Of course this needed to be extended, or there would be more foreclosures and bankruptcies. This will certainly encourage more short sales; help liquidate the distress inventory at a faster pace. Because of the huge shaddow inventory (loans 90 days late, loans having received Notice of Default (N...
How high is too high? If real estate taxes in your market were 2-3% of market value, would that keep a lid on real estate prices, sales, or market demand? Are real estate prices in your market area being affected by high real estate taxes? We know the affordability of owning a home today is the b...
If you live in Cook County, are your property taxes too high? Cook County has the largest population in the State of Illinois and includes the City of Chicago. Until recently, it has been difficult to determine your home's value based on it's tax assessed value. Cook County tax assessments on res...
If you could offer owner financing on your listings or provide it for your buyer clients who may not qualify for conventional financing, how much could you increase you business?       ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
With the financial set backs many have suffered in today's economy, how long will it take before these folke's "broken credit" gets fixed? Some of these have retrained and/or re-employed themselves with good incomes and cash in the bank. Aren't there ways for the Realtor Community to help these "...
Your real estate tax bill likely shows increases in just about every category. Most real estate tax bills (2009 tax Yr) have increased somewhere in the vicinity of 10%.  So tax bills that were $8,000 are now $8,800. Of course, we realize two-thirds of the total goes to local school districts. An...
  With short sales becoming a larger portion of the real estate market, are you as an agent discouraging your buyers from considering them? If that is true, what needs to take place in order for you to recommend a short sale over other choices for your buyers looking for that great deal? We know ...

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