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As Realtors, agents, and lenders we are supposed to be smart and intelligent, and, in addition, we have an obligation to keep this country safe. I thought everyone knew that TikTok is owned and operated by the Chinese government and collects information about every single person that uses that ap...
If the government wanted to fix the affordable housing crises they would prevent foreign governments from buying up residential housing stock, which they are doing, and Blackrock from buying up single-family homes and converting them into rentals, maybe they would make some effort to loosen the h...
Well it seems as though almost no one in Congress is paying attention to the expiration of the Mortgage Debt Forgivenss Act; sadly for many homeowners who are still struggling as it expired on December 31st. If, I repeat, if I were in a situation today that would require me to make a decision bet...
I posted this on July 14th, 2011. Bernanke says home price stabilization necessary to wo buyers In my humble opinion  the problem is with the lending "establishment". They are stingy with loans and very slow in their approving of  short sales. And they created this fiasco in the first place. In o...
As we all know, or should know, is that the banks will always counter the offer that is sent to them on a short sale. The initial selection of the winning offer (in California anyway) is done by the seller with or without the listing agent's blessings. Sure, some sellers will actually listen to t...
I am an active Realtor/Real Estate Broker in Southern California and an avid SCUBA Diver (I train Instructors how to teach SCUBA). Both are passions of mine. When teaching people how to dive a large part of their time learning is focused on the environment. It's disappointing how much "junk" ends...
Short Sale Expert? Short Sale Professional? Short Sale Specialist? Those are all the terms that Realtor's who work the short sale market use to describe themselves. The problem is that they are all self-awarded terms. None of those descriptions are EARNED. There is only one certification that IS ...
I have seen so many changes in all the parts of the real estate industry over the last several years. None, in my opinion, have had any significant impact on improving the real estate business. I have often cited the lending community for starting this fisaco and for extending it through slow pro...
"Bernanke says home price stabilization necessary to woo buyers."   In my humble opinion  the problem is with the lending "establishment". They are stingy with loans and very slow in their approving of  short sales. And they created this fiasco in the first place. In over 30 years in Real Estate...
I have seen and heard of so many buyers getting in the cars and driving around "looking" for their new home by visiting open houses. That is clearly NOT the best way to find the investment of your life. The agent is there for one reason and one reason only; to meet new buyers. The chances that th...

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