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Attn: REO agents and Asset Managers and Landlords GREAT CURB APPEAL puts $$$$ in your pocket! We want to introduce you to our company, PaintLawn.com By dyeing your REO lawns, we are protecting you from CODE VIOLATIONS and PROPERTY LIENS. (Fines can range from $500.00 to $2,500.00 per day) Increa...
About Code Violations . . .    An OUNCE of prevention is worth a pound of CURE!!   Imagine you're a Code Officer cruising a tract of homes . . . What are you looking for?  DEAD LAWNS!! YOU can't tell the lawn has been dyed and neither can the Code Officer!   Look,  we realize your bank may have ...
Karen & Jim Frey checking in tonight. We are Loss Mitigation Consultants looking to network with Real Estate Professionals. We are concentrating our time on Florida and New Jersey homeowners facing foreclosure and expanding our real estate knowledge. Before anyone asks where our picture is, I hav...
The Foreclosure Loss Mitigation Industry NEEDS your help! The foreclosure problem is spiraling out of control across America due to interest rate increases that are causing Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) payments to rise by 30%, 40% and as high as 50%. The other major causes are Predatory Lendin...

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Look, we realize your bank may have a $3000 allowance for landscape - but WHY stick your bank with it if you don't have to? Banks grade REO Agents - and smart REO Agents sell the banks on themselves by saving the bank money! By dying your REO lawns NOW you save the bank a code violation fine, a lien on the property, and about a $3,000 CURE!