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Jinx Our Siamese Cat About six or seven years ago a kitten showed up at our acreage outside of Austin Texas. He was so little and seemed lost. Why did his mother abandon him at such a young age. We could hardly catch him until he ran up into a shrub where Jim captured the scared little fur ball.O...
Sex Offender lives in Neighborhood, Must a Seller Disclose? Working with a buyer several years ago our buyers wanted to know if a sex offender lived in the neighborhood they were looking to move. As a professional I told them I would give them a website link where they could research for themselv...
South Texas MAZELocated near Hondo TX at the Graff 7A Ranch Open dates & timeSAT, SEP 15 201810:00 AM—SUN, NOV 25 20185:00 PM October offers a great time and fun to building bonds with family, friends and groups.One fun way is have your group navigate through a corn maize, getting lost is fun and...
Should a license real estate agent provide a BPO or CMA when selling or buying property for themselves? As a Texas licensed real estate agent/broker I have sold two of our personal residences and several land properties over the years and never thought to ask myself, “should I provide a BPO or CM...
Hondo TX 78861Located approximately 40 miles west of San Antonio the city ofHondo TX is known for it's slogan"This is Gods Country Don't Drive Through It Like Hell"Community was settled by German and Polish immigrants, known for it's ranching and farming.Hondo Army Air Field was established in 19...
Buyer purchase home using Bitcoin  "Texas Association of REALTORS®' has written an article which intrigued my curiosity and made me think what would I do if presented with a Bitcoin buyer.As listing agents and buyer agents it's our due diligence to educate ourselves and our clients how Bitcoin wo...
Yes. Not returning phone calls and emails could be considered a violation of the TREC Rules. Section 535.2 titled Broker Responsibility provides: “a broker or (delegated supervisor) must respond to sponsored salesperson, clients and license holders representing other parties in real estate transa...
San Antonio Board of Realtors Market Recap 10/11/2018 SABOR Multiple Listing Service Report: Home Sales Recap August 2016 August 2017 August 2018 Total Month Sales 2016 market 2,918 (13% increase) 2017 market 2,957 (2% increase) 2018 market 3,236 (9% increase)  2016 Average Price $245,537 (4% inc...
 Safety When showing propertyWhen showing a listing to prospective buyers its good practice to meet the clients prior at your office and collect drivers license etc. If you can't meet them at the office never go alone take a friend. If you can't take a friend be sure not to walk into the the home...
Surfing  Face Book today I came across one of my friends postand wanted to share, you may laugh you may not?I thought it was a cute joke.... The next timeyour wife gets angry,drape a towel over her shoulders like a cape and exclaim"Now you are.... Super Angry"Maybe she'll laugh.Maybe you'll die. ...


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