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Can We Turn the Market Around??   Today we are all wondering whether this bailout will pass or not and what the implications are to our industry, I am confident that we can turn the market around.  While the bailout is an important step and likely to eventually pass in some form, there is so much...
Unless you never turn on a television, never pick up a newspaper, and never listen to the radio....you would have to have gone through another week of wondering "what the heck is going on??".  Again, we have more turmoil in the market and now we have an extremely possible federal bailout that wil...
I can't be more happy to be able to offer FHA mortgages in our current economy.  Right now it's the solution for quite a few buyers.   I have a few FHA loans in process right now that would have been conforming conventional mortgages a year ago.  Why?  Because of the low down payments and the low...
The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day.  Sure it's a tad chilly this morning, but we know that spring is on it's way.   I don't have a crystal ball, but I have spoken to quite a few Realtors and potential buyers recently and I can't help but think that we are possibly in a turning point in o...
Okay, normally I call this my "Realtor Update" but I thought we all needed a dose of optimism.  (at least those of us that are still out there and still trying to make a dollar in this industry!)   Here's my theory: "We can turn this market around with our own optimism and positivity!"    Remembe...
Well, here I go again.  For the second time in 2 years, I am starting a new job.  Sadly, my last employer, Colony Mortgage Corporation began closing it's doors in August of this year.  With the economy in it's current state, finding a new company was not easy.Grande Financial is a smaller, locall...
Having been in the mortgage business for almost 11 years, I have to say that I would hate to have to shop for a mortgage.  There are so many programs and so many lenders that it's impossible to know if you are getting the best loan at the best price.My advice to anyone in the market for a mortgag...
I was a Realtor for 5 years before I got into the mortgage business.  I also have taught Real Estate Continuing Education in the State of Ohio.  What I have learned is that Realtors don't want to have lenders sending them all sorts of propanda and flyers or emails of why they are the best or why ...

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