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This week's Ask the AM really spurred me into action. I hear moans and groans all the time from agent s who just don't like social networking. They gripe about how time consuming it is or they were never successful or, it's too monotonous, or..........whatever else and all I got to say is, SO BAD...
Join me Friday May 28, 2010 at 2:00pm cst when we will be interviewing Cary Sternberg President at Excellen REO. Previously Cary has worked as Senior Vice President/REO at American Home Mortage Servicing, Inc, Vice President HLS/REO at Indymac Federal Bank and Vice President at Indymac Bank. We w...
Are Liberal Progressive Government policies pushing America toward a Federal takeover of housing? I know for many of us, this question seems crazy however, make no mistake, Progressive Liberals would love to see America provide housing to each and every person, citizen or not. In fact, Franklin D...
Quote,  "...if all of these REO companies are scaling back, why bother purchase AMP under or get certified with REOtrans if we don't know if there is going to be enough work for those of us who can't get into any other company or the other companies are telling us that they are going to g...
In an effort to disclose, let me first tell you that I am not a Bankruptcy Attorney....or any other type of Attorney for that matter. This blog is not to be interpreted as legal advice because, it's not. For legal advice you need to speak to a law professional. This blog is just my opinion and sh...
Regardless of your opinions on the necessity of the bank bailouts aka TARP, let us all agree they haven't worked. I am not sure any other industry knows this better than ours, the default industry because, we still see the direct effects of frozen credit markets, the shadow inventory and bank fai...
1. Unemployment: Until people have the income to afford their mortgages, we will not see a recovery in the housing market. I believe a direct correlation exist between unemployment and mortgage defaults, the higher unemployment gets the more defaults we will see. This ultimately leads to more inv...
Hermitage Tennessee Housing Statistic Report January 10, 2010 For December 1 - 31, 2009     Closed  35 Properties Found    Square Feet Bedrooms Full Baths Half Baths List Price Sales Price Days on Market MIN 1,124 3 1 0 $57,900 $55,000 0 AVG 2,157 3.43 2.09 0.6 $192,503 $187,956 68 MEDIAN 2,025 3...
I came across a blog on another networking site and got into a bit of a debate as to what exactly a Short Sale is and isn't. I need to explain that I am a HRC (Housing Retention Consultant) with Titanium and I have the RDCPro (REO Default Certified Professional) Designation through RealEstateEduc...
My recent articles on this very subject have initiated a firestorm and, I am sure this next article will only throw nitro glycerin on the flames. Before you read this blog, understand that I have not been appointed as some ethical, moral guardian and, I know that. By no means, do I believe I am g...

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