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General information about Home Inspections, the Home Inspection business and maybe some humor.
  I decided to do one more of the “Typical Construction Inspection” series and I really do promise this will be the last one.     I just wanted to stress the need for a phased type inspection for your new home.  I can’t stress this point too much.  I have found many, and I do mean many, issues fo...
Instructions for installation of washer.  Connect the hot and cold hoses to the valves and slide the drain hose into the drain.  I guess I could handle the hot and cold connection, but sliding that drain hose into the drain might be a problem. Why go to all the trouble to install the thing if you...
Anyone who has looked at my website knows that I give either free or almost free inspections to returning service men and women.   With this in mind I want to say that I lost an inspection job today for one of our returning vets because of my price.  Meeting all criteria for a free inspection I i...
Here I am assigning stray pictures to inspections again.  This one was off by itself as if it got lost.  At first glance I didn't know where it belonged, but then it came to me.  Last summer I inspected a little brick house that had this obvious add-on garage.  It takes a second to notice the maj...
Twas the day before Christmas, and all through our house; Not a creature was stirring, not even the mouse. The stockings weren't hung yet, we always run late, We never did that till oh... about eight. The kids were on sugar highs from all that was baked, and I was relaxed, my head it had ached. ...
I have over the years compiled some funny photos of home inspections and today is one of those days I need funny.  The first picture here is of a garage that was still in use when I inspected the house.  My comment about the garage in the report was to tear it down. I also told the owner to save ...
For those of you that have experienced this (it has become widely used now), I join you in just shaking your head.  What is it?  The freshly stippled ceiling.  I see so much of this that I just smile and begin looking for the leak.  Many more times than not, a freshly stippled ceiling means that ...
This time of year is usually slow for Real Estate inspections.  So every year I try to plan all that I am going to do around the holidays.  Of course, I really don't know what business will be like 2 or 3 months in advance when I start this list, so I normally have more list than I have time.  Ot...
When I got to the inspection I found no one there yet (Lets be fair, I was 15 minutes early). So as per usual I started walking around the house.  I was a bit puzzled by the arrangement of the windows (they usually denote the different floors. As you can see the windows don't line up across the b...
The picture below is in the attic of a house where a rehaber was trying to get funds. One of the major problems stood out like a sore thumb.  It was raining the day of the inspection so I had a great opportunity to see the real roof under adverse conditions. Without the actual rain this might hav...

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