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Last Wednesday my router died.  I ran out to buy another router assuming I'd be up and running in a very short time.  Well, four hours later I had connectively and fell into bed at midnight exhausted from hours on the phone with tech support while trying to figure out the problem.  Normally, I'm ...
Good grief, everyone!  This morning as I lay in bed sick with the flu, my head foggy, my voice crackly and incapable if doing much more than watching the news, I hear more doomsday about the real estate market here in Minneapolis, "Home Prices to Drop 10%-20%".  This gloomy tidbit will more inhib...
After 23 years in real estate, it's been interesting, albeit frustrating, in this odd market.  It's as if the masses, a collective group of observers themselves, are waiting for something magical to happen to inspire them to reach into the marketplace and give it a try.  They hold their breath in...
Yesterday I had a broker open for my listing at 10760 Woodwatch Circle in Eden Prairie, MN priced at an affordable $299,900. Since food and real estate are my passions and I haven't had luck with food at broker opens this season, I used wine as my "enticement" to get agents to come and preview th...
I work with many out-of-town buyers, mostly from referrals and the rest from my web site at click on "Find Homes w/Jess" to search MLS.  One thing I have found to be helpful to my clientele is providing them with food the day they move in.  Most likely, they've e...
Last winter I showed homes to a deaf couple I met on-line but they needed to sell their house in Duluth before buying.  I knew showing them homes at that point was a waste of time but I felt a kinship with this lovely couple and their adult daughter and son-in-law who signed for them to communica...
Food and real estate?  What do they have in common?  I guess you could say food is love, cooking at home is love of hearth and home and cooking for people has a connotation of love and warmth.  So there it is.Or... selfishly I could say that I love both real estate (been a broker/company owner fo...

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