Today I had an Open House in Arlington. We decided a couple of years ago to trim the budget and we now only have 1 car. It usually works fine but last week I found out that due to scheduling conflicts I could not have the car on Sunday. I got on the internet and went to Hop Stop to see if the Met...
First, I want to make clear that I am not a tax accountant nor a tax attorney. I am not giving anyone tax or legal advice here. What I am doing is making sure that you go in armed with information to your tax accountant or tax attorney. This post comes due to the number of calls I have received r...
So I start this with a sentiment I have heard many buyer agent realtors exclaim, "we are over you REO agents!" Why you might ask. Well, you tend to be rude, you never return a phone call or acknowledge that you received our offer. When we call you regarding an update of our status of our offer yo...
Well, had that conversation with the inside person at the short selling bank.  I did get to a supervisor.  Had to go that route once again because my negotiator said no to me and that we had 180 days to sell the property.  I said to her did you not realize that the appraisal will now stick to tha...

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