Would you believe that people are still out looking for rentals.  On Saturday the 22d of December I showed a rental to eight prospective tenants.  Two applied; both wanted to move in like immediately.  With a little effort and an eye to customer service, I was able to do the necessary due dillige...
It is interesting to note that when it comes to choosing between science and religion, about half of us will consistently reject scientific claims if they are in conflict with the Bible.   In America, we are at the same time, the most religious democracy in the world and leaders in scientific res...
The holidays are a joyous time of year when we honor and celebrate traditions passed on to us through the generations, and hold all the members of our `ohana, those both near and far, close to our hearts. During this time, we also feel special appreciation for those serving at home and abroad.  B...
The military just got a 7.3 per-cent increase in their housing allowance.   This should have a significant impact on rents in Hawaii, and to a lesser extent on home sales as we have such a large number of military families living in Hawaii, particularly Oahu.   These new rates go into effect on J...
Every ten years the State of Hawaii constitution requires that the state consider having a Constitutional Convention whether we need one or not.   Yesterday Lieutenant Governor Aiona recommended that we hold the convention without really making any significant objective(s) for the convention to a...
This is a plug for NARPM, the National Association for Residential Property Mangers.   When I started in the property management business about a thousand years ago, I literally developed everything I needed from scratch.  It was a matter of survival to know and understand the Hawaii State Landlo...

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