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Technology - Our Friend - and sometimes, not so much.    I recall my earliest experiences with potential sellers - and buyers - coming to me, armed with Internet Proven Facts - IPF's, as I like to call them, Zestimate in hand, ready to take on the market.   And I, like each of my real estate pro ...
As a Realtor, we wear many hats...Advocate - both "Devil's" and otherwise - Confessor, Guide, Jester and Sage - all at the same time.   After many years of this work, I have discovered that this personal journey of being the guide for others, has revealed even more to me, perhaps, that I have don...
Whew, it's been a tough six months!  It kind of started on Thanksgiving when our makeshift, abrevriated turkey dinner (where I had the bright idea of trying out the roaster for the first time on T-Day... not good), was interrupted by a call from across the Country:  Mom's in the hospital - they d...
Traditionally employed people must interview whenever they seek to change jobs - and sometimes when they seek to change positions within their company, however as a Realtor, whether or not you know it, you are interviewing for new positions every time you have a conversation, or send an email.   ...
FEMA said they were safe.  And FEMA was wrong.   In the Northshore, across the lake from New Orleans, many residents are asking the question, "We bought outside of the FEMA flood zone, so WHY do I have a foot of water in my house?"  Good question.    The answer is, because life isn't perfect, the...
There's a lot of things that people, who don't live in the South, think, and say, repeatedly about the South - and maybe some of them are right, and maybe some of them are wrong... And everybody's heard about the looting and violence after Katrina in New Orleans - but unless you've experienced a ...
Conventional wisdom tells us, "Bloom where you're matter where you go - there you are".  And in many cases, those two adages ring true.  But not always.    I have come to realize, both as a Real Estate Professional - and as a consumer, concerning my own whereabouts, that there do, in...
Sometimes along life's way, one experiences something so revealing, potentially life-changing and urgent that one feels inclined to tell others -  I find myself in that position today - and wanting my clients, my colleagues and the general public to know something that I found out the hard way tw...
Sometimes we get a chance to look back at problems we’ve encountered in the past, and see the world fresh, with a kinder, gentler and wiser perspective.   Growth – I think they call it.   Today was one such of those days for me. As a woman recently past the 50 mark, I have traded in my hopes for ...

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