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I'm a full time Myrtle Beach real estate agent that focuses on Myrtle Beach homes and Carolina Forest real estate. I'm happily married to the most amazing wife in the world Katherine, and we have three amazing children that are our built in entertainment system. If you want to search for homes for sale in Myrtle Beach, check out In addition, you will find content here about online consulting tips and information on how to use various social media platforms to increase your business. Also sharing tips on how to get your own custom WordPress Site. For more on that, visit
After watching the game the other night between the Green Bay Packers & New England Patriots, I noticed that as the game winded down to the last minute of play, the message being sent to Green Bay's rookie quarterback must have been mixed.  He played a great game last night until the final 60 se...
The other day, I was at church and was listening to the message when the speaker mentioned that sometimes when her husband is in a hurry he only irons the front of his dress shirt.  She said he does this because since he is wearing a coat, nobody will ever see the back half, so what does it matt...
Google Docs are one of my favorite tools on the web and also one that I think gets overlooked by so many people. Since I no longer own a PC I don't have access to Microsoft Word & Excel, so when I want to create documents and spreadsheets to send to someone I always use Google Docs. Another thing...
Did we mention this webinar is Free? Come join us this Wednesday for a fun class.  Seating is limited, so make sure you register for this class now!If you have an hour to spend on Wednesday morning, I would like to encourage you to join us for a free webinar about Google tools. Google has done a ...
Today search engine giant Google is releasing a new feature on their searches called Instant Previews.  What this does is allows consumers to get a snapshot view of what a website looks like without having to visit the page.  They believe that by giving a sample view of the site before you click ...
Found a fun little tool today that I wanted to discuss in more detail as well as share a few applications that could be good uses of it.  It is called BridgeURL. We have all heard of URL shorteners in the past like and  While BridgeURL was described to me as a URL shortener, I loo...
As we have all seen over the past few weeks not only in our inboxes, but on the feature boards a ton of posts about RainCamp rolling into Charlotte this Thursday.  I attended the RainCamp in Orlando, so I already know what to expect in the materials covered.  Personally, I've already covered most...
We all hear the importance of social media and why you need to have a strong presence in it.  We know that there are sites like Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube and other social networks.  Many times though we want to see what type of results these social networks are sending in traffic to your site...
Google Instant was recently released by the search engine giant which I believe will be making some major changes in the way consumers search online.  What this allows is for people using the search engine giant to begin the search process while you type in the term you are searching for. No long...
Today I took some time to play with a new favorite of mine  This is a great product that the search engine giant created that simply rocks.  What does is allows you to shorten links quickly and easily.This feature alone is nice, but it isn't the reasons that fell in love with this ...

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