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I'm a full time Myrtle Beach real estate agent that focuses on Myrtle Beach homes and Carolina Forest real estate. I'm happily married to the most amazing wife in the world Katherine, and we have three amazing children that are our built in entertainment system. If you want to search for homes for sale in Myrtle Beach, check out In addition, you will find content here about online consulting tips and information on how to use various social media platforms to increase your business. Also sharing tips on how to get your own custom WordPress Site. For more on that, visit
The other day Google started to roll out some new features in it's Social Search rankings.  The use of social search isn't a new feature, it has been around for a while and has been a part of your searches.  If you had not noticed them in the past, they were usually showing up in your searches t...
This post was written by Jason originally.  Clint is a good friend of ours and is need of your prayers right now.  Trying everything to spread the word: Prayers for Clint- By Jason Crouch I don't have a lot of details to share at this point, but my good friend and fellow ActiveRain member Clint M...
Today like most days has been quite busy with email inquiries, prospective phone calls and a touch of social media madness.  To be honest, the past few weeks at 210 have been quite busy as I have been deep in the canyons of WordPress working on Custom sites for many customers.  But, as my client...
I must start this post by stating that I am a complete statistics junkie.  I love studying my Analytics in Google and trying to figure out the patterns of my visitors.  I can get lost for hours dissecting my data and enjoying every second of learning more about my consumers and what they want, w...
I just finished reading a post by Judi Barrett asking what people thought about the Best HD video gear. Well, I left a comment there explaining my choices, but I thought I'd share with everyone else in a little more details my thoughts and likes for video gear. I think there are 2 categories on t...
Reddit seems to have things on track. In 2010 they grew by 230% according to Mashable. Here's a short video from Alexis Sohanian of Reddit. He shares some great advice how they used their platform to make a major "splash" in social media. Enjoy! Sometimes we try to over complicate things, and act...
The other day Mashable broke the news of a new start-up company being bought by AOL after only four days of going live.  Since AOL bought this company, I figured there had to be some sort of value in what it offered.  So, I headed over to and began setting up my profile. At firs...
So Facebook recently told the world about their latest and greatest feature, new Facebook email. I will be honest, I wasn’t really excited about this new feature.  My initial thought is, another email address to keep track of and set up.  My second gripe was that this meant another place for spam...
I’ve shared before about the power of Google Docs, but not until I saw this video below did I even think half of this stuff was possible.  While I consider myself an avid user of Google Docs, it appears there is so much more I can do with it that I have not yet even scratched the surface of. Clou...
I am regularly asked by clients what is the next newest, latest & greatest social network to be coming down the pike.  They want the jumpstart on the next hot thing so they can beat their competition on getting set up there before everyone else.  They feel if they are the first there, they can b...

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