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HUD has forced one of the largest lenders in the country out of business and given NO good reason for it.  Check it out!     Implode's take HUD's Press Rlease Video Archive
Here is some info for you about the changes coming August 1st, 2009.  The changes are to the truth in lending act.  Watch the video to find out all the details and learn why you have NOTHING to fear.
The Big Pink Open "Rally for the cure" Pineview Golf Course 8/29/09 Dinner included, Drinks included, free gift bag to all players. Sponsors Welcome Details
Jeremy Drobeck Explains the ins and outs of the new Michigan Tax Credit (MCC) program for home buyers.  This MSHDA program will help buyers qualify for more house!  See video for more details.
  Jeremy Drobeck talks about ways to boost your business
We have been waiting on this mortgagee letter for over a year and it is finally here! We can now do Site Condos effective immediately without having to meet the Spot Approval process for FHA. Very exciting news indeed. Please take the time to read the mortgagee letter as it answers any questions ...
Please watch & sign . . .  HVCC Petition Watch Video
The Federal Reserve posted a report were they asked senior bank loan officers whether residential mortgage guidlines had tightened in the last 3 months.  Nearly 50 percent of banks said yes.  Now this is a much lower figure than what we saw last year.  Is it a sign of a thaw?  Maybe, however my p...
AmeriFirst Home Mortgage Begins Mortgage Refinancing under U.S. Treasury's "Making Home Affordable" Plan    AmeriFirst Home Mortgage is now able to assist homeowners with little to no equity refinance their mortgage into a lower rate mortgage, even if their home has decreased in value. This is no...

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Mortgage industry news and updates. More information also avalible at